Thursday, February 28, 2008


Time is ticking... Less than a week away and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! OMG this is a MUCH needed break from LIFE that I need right now! Myself and 8 other fun and crazy girls are heading to the mountains for a mini retreat! I'm so excited. I'm sitting here thinking.. what do I pack? what do I pack? my usual answer is EVERYTHING... So i guess I'll spend the weekend organizing my stamp room once again and getting my thoughts clear. DH will be in Cali for the weekend and I'll be in my safe place! Thank God for my stamp room.

So.. if you don't hear from me by Monday.... Come looking... Send a search team! I may be burried in cardstock, ink pads and stamps... Oh the avalanche that's going to happen.. YIKES!

What do you take with you when you go out to stamp? (3 whole days of stamping bliss)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Susie has given me an award.. I can't believe it, what a nice thing to wake up to! Thank you Susie. She's a really neat lady. Susie lives in the UK and is a great card maker! Check out her blog.

My awardees.... (It's a long list.)


1) Write a post with links to at least 5 blogs you find of interest and that inspire you.
2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3) Display the logo 'You make my day'
.4) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Stamps...

Queen Kat Designs is amping up for its March release!! Don't wait to see the stamps on March 1st.. Get your "taste" on now! Check out the blog for more info..

This card was made by Nancy Grant, a Royal Stamping Maid for QKD.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm here...

I haven't fallen totally off the earth... Just been busy with life and the bowl of lemons I was handed a week or so ago.. Things are looking up and I'm crawling out of hiding now.. I'm getting ready for the "Friends Retreat" I'm going on March 5-7. It'll be a lot of fun. Me and 8 friends are heading to the mountains for a few days of quiet, laughter and croppin! I'm not tellin where it is cuz we don't need an audience...

So I'm working hard to get all of the March kits put together, stamps made and orders out the door on March 1st!! Yep.. Kits are mailing early again!! :) There's 1 teeny tiny... little old.. March kit left... So if you've been waiting to purchase, now's your chance! :) And... there's only 2 Get Inked! kits left for APRIL... So get your name on the wait list.

Well.. the pizza is almost done.. OO yum... frozen pizza.. it's what's for dinner at 10:15pm.. hmm I need to hire a cook! Have a great night.. I'll be back soon with my latest creations... assuming I have time to make anything. ooo before i sign of... check out the QKD blog.. we are running a blog candy contest!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a day!

I WAS going to make stamps today... But grannie called and said "Lets go to Bear Lake"... (We're having a mini retreat up there in March).. So I had wanted to go up there but I didn't want to take the time to do it.. I did have some things to pick up from a couple manufacturers so I said why not! I got on the phone and called Lindsay at Cosmo Cricket and got directions.. then I called Paul at Tinkering Ink and got directions...

We left here at about 11:30 am and it's now 7:30 pm... we are home and boy am I tired!!! The truck is LOADED with stuff. We totally scored!!! We never did make it to Bear Lake though.... We got lost going to Cosmo Cricket.. then we spent the better part of an hour talking shop so to speak with Lindsay.. This man is an awesome guy!!! He totally hooked the Royal Stamping Maids up today!! I mean... HOOKED THEM UP!!!

He's a very intelligent man and I'm definetly going to keep him in my Rolodex. It was worth the whole trip to go up there and see the Cosmo Cricket offices and warehouses. I got to meet Jon the famous warehouse guy and the nice staff.

We headed up the road and up the mountain to Tinkering Ink, where I met Paul and his lovely wife who's name escapes me right now.. I also took some photos of their view!!! It's an amazing view from their office. To the right is a shot I got from the driveway of the TI office.

Then... we thought.. we will never make it to Bear Lake and back AND still have time to hit Carolee's and SEI... So we just scratched Bear Lake and hit the manufacturers. :) Here's a couple shots I got outside of Carolee's...

This next shot is the view from to the East looking out Carolee's door. Isn't it a nice clear day?? But brrrr it was cold!!

This is the view from their parking lot looking South West-ish. :) As you can tell it was getting late in the day by then and the sun was beginning to set.

I have to tell you... I got to meet Carolee herself today!! Oh my, what a pleasure that was. She gave us a little 'tour' of their warehouse and let us pick out some stuff to buy and some to bring back to the Design Team. What a fantastic set up they have there!! Did you know that they cut their own chipboard albums?? YEP! They do and guess who go to see how they did it?? YEPPERS!! That would be ME! It was a very interesting visit we had. She told me a bit about how and when she got started 12 years ago! Did you know she was one of the FIRST Scrapbook paper manufacturers??? I knew it but I wasn't sure when she started, I just had seen her products a long time ago. She was one of the first to make actual scrapbooking papers in 8.5"X11" and also she helped pioneer the way for 12"X12". Did you know that? I guess it's true, you learn something every day.

They have this new sticker paper out.. Man this stuff is NIFTY!!! Look for it SOON in a QKD kit!! HINT HINT!! Also, there's this clear plastic that's embossed.. OMG! I got to see a sample that was made with it... I can TOTALLY see a few of my DT members eating it up!! That'll also be in an upcoming kit.. I'm telling you guys.. get the QKD kits.. They are so worth the money and time that goes into them. Carolee also HOOKED the DT up!!! I was so overcome with generosity. It was a nice thing to experience this day and age, you know?

By the time we left Carolee's Grannie was begging to go home because we spent the whole day walking, driving and talking to everyone we met she was exhausted... BUT.. there was 1 more stop on our schedule... SEI. Yep, that's right.. We got lost going there too.. But not as bad as Cosmo Cricket. LOL. Check out the view from the East end of their parking lot.. It's pretty nice.

I just want to end with a BIG THANK YOU TO Cosmo Cricket, Tinkering Ink and Carolee's Creations. They have hooked our Royal Stamping Maids up for the next few months. It's going to be so fantastic to see what my Court does with all of the fantastic products that Lindsay, Paul and Carolee gave us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm tagging some people...

I know... I don't really take tags.. But this one is a fun and simple one! If your name is below it's because I love your blog and creations on it. So, you've been dubbed a QKD Princess. Take the button below and display it proudly on your blog. When I come across great bloggers, I'll post more "tags" here. :)

Nancy K:

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A few more cards today...

I got the papers in for the May kit at QKD today. They are from a NEW company called Pink Paislee. They are making their debut in the industry tomorrow at CHA.. Good luck Rebecca! My order number with them was #34! It was so kool! :) Anyhoo.. I'm probably one of the very first people to get to work with their products that's not affiliated with their company in any way. That's pretty neat too! So.. I ripped open the packages tonight and played with some of the paper it's GREAT!!! Pink Paislee rocks!!! Below are the cards I was able to make before getting bored and having to move around...

I can't wait to design the stamps for the May kit and play with these papers some more!!! Do you have favorite paper that's coming out tomorrow?

It's becoming so CLEAR...

My cards that is! Yeah yeah, that was corney! I know... :)

Check it! I made my first clear cards today. I've wanted to do it for a long time but I kept forgetting about it so today I was looking through a book and it had one. I immediatly put the book down and went and made some! :)

February stamp of the month from QKD
pp from who knows where
Red Stazon
Black Stazon
Clear Acetate
2 Cherry Red Eyelets

Stamps from QKD
Clear Acetate
Timber Brown Stazon
Black Stazon

I made 2 more but I can't show them to you until tomorrow!!! They are made with the new CHA stamps from QKD. :) I aslo have a few regular cards to show yah but they can't be revealed until tomorraw.

*off topic... I'm sitting here blogging and DH is in the other room watching the news... someone is going around in Salt Lake shooting puppy dogs! How horrible is that? OMG, if someone dares to hurt my babies... watch out.. you ain't never me that mad, no matter who you are... So to the horrible, rotten, POS monster who's doing this...... I hope you shoot yourself in the foot! How can you kill an innocent little puppy dog?????????

Ok... I'm finished.. like they are seriously going to read this... but I had to get it out!

Fun Flowers

I sat down to make a bunch of cards with the March kit club packet from QKD and this is what I came up with... So it's not a bunch... But there's more to come. :) I have tons and tons of things left from the kit.. I just need to get some mojo going!
If you haven't reserved your kit for March you NEED to! This kit takes all kits to new heights! Don't just subscribe to 1 month, save money and time and go for a 4 or 12 month!! You get free stamps with a 12 month and... I hear that we are putting a FREE birthday stamp set in with EACH April kit that's sold!!!

go check out the blog candy over at QKD right now. :) Oh... and make sure you jump over there tomorrow for the NEW CHA stamps!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Blog Candy!

Queen Kat Designs has blog candy! Go check it out. There's a couple sneek peeks of the new CHA stamps and a stamp set to win over there! Make sure you leave some love and tell them what blog sent you. Although I don't qualify to win, I wanna tell you all about it so you have a chance!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New things with Queen Kat Designs

Today we announced a new Royal Stamping Maid, Toni Armstrong. She comes to us from CO. I'll be meeting her in August, I just can't wait. I've admired her work for a few years now and I'm so happy to have her on the team. Come over and congratulate her.

Chance to win!!

Oh my. Tanis has lead me to this site and I think it's FANTASTIC!! You all need to surf on over and get in on the action. They've got lots of fun things going on and best of all.. there's FREE stuff right now! Click here to visit Creativity Unbound!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

When will it stop?

Ok.. It's official.... the snow NEEDS to stop!!! The snow banks are OVER the roof of my truck!!! And I don't drive no MINI truck! Good gollie!! We've had over a foot of snow in the last 10 hours and another 4-6 inches coming with a winter storm watch in effect until tomorrow at 6am. I just got home from the post office and it's snowing AGAIN!

This picture above is what I see when I step out my front door.. Note there are about 5-6 steps down to the driveway from here... but This was taken when I opened my front door. :(

Yesterday you could only see the front door to my mail box!! It's a good thing DH was off work today so he could shovel out so the mail man knew what number our house is! LOL! (Yes, my mail box is BLUE! I painted it)

This is looking back from the street at the house.. It's incredible how much white crap there really is!

And last but not least... Mr. "I LOVE the snow".. Doesn't look too happy there does he? HAHA!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Stamps stamps stamps!

Sorry I've been 'absent' from blogging the past few days.. I've been WORKING! OMG, did I admit that? hehe.. yes, I work.. in fact I work tooooooo much! I sat down last week and figured out that I currently work 120 hours a week! Yep.. work-a-holic. Not healthy, not sane and not fun, but that's what it takes to keep the shop running and get stamps made. Anyhoo.. I just wanted to post some pics of things I bet none of you have ever seen before! Below is my hard work for the past 2 days! That's right... 2 whole days of stamp making.. my hands and shoulders are killin me.... check it out!
Specimen #1:
This is about 50-60 plates of stamps uncut
Specimen #2:
This is after about 2 hours of cutting...

Specimen #3:
This is after 3 hours of cutting... Finally I'm done.

I'd estimate there's about 300-350 stamps there... maybe a little less but not by much. I'll know more when I get them packaged.. another 3-4 hours and they'll be ready for a home. :) So.. now you know what I've done for the past 2 days.. what about you??