Tuesday, April 22, 2008


WTH is that? It's ok ya'll I haven't gone off the deep end!! There's actually something called glogster... I'm not seeing the real use of it.. But hey WTH is myspace really for? LOL. I have that website blocked from my computer because of all the crap on it anyway... Well.. there is a point to my mad ramblings, I promise! SJ, the newest QKD designer posted on her blog today about this thing called glogster... So I checked it out and I was playin around with it and made a little page dedicated to the stamp designers for QKD. :) Come check it out.


Tanis said...

I totally checked it out too today and it looks fun! I put it in my bookmarks for a rainy day when I have nothing to do....(not in the foreseeable future, though!)
Going to look at yours ;)

Lindsay Spencer said...

Very cool. You made that look so good. I started one too, just haven't played with it yet.