Friday, February 27, 2009

Geisha Girls of the RED light district

HA HA!! Just kiddin! I love these new stamps! They are about 2.5" tall and oh so fun to work with!! I'm excited to share my creations with you as I just released the stamps about 20 minutes ago!
There are 3 different sets to choose from!! and there's even a new greetings set coming out March 4th to match!! some of it can be seen on my cards here! Don't wait.. RUN over and get your girls today!

Don't forget the PRE-release party on March 3rd at SNR's New Card Universe.. And the Release Party on March 4th at the QKD Message Board!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

QKD Royal Court Call

The Queen Kat Designs Royal Court ( is looking for some new a Royal Stamping Maid. This team receives new stamps each month. The term is 12 months for this round. (April 1, 2009-March 30, 2010).

We are accepting applications from February 16, 2009 through March 15, 2009. You are not required to use Queen Kat Designs images for this call but it’s a plus if you do. At this time we are only accepting applications from US residents and people with current blogs.

Queen Kat is looking for one very special person to help with designing 6 special super duper cards a month. Do you have writing ability? Can you provide fun, funky and creative cards? Do you want to be a part of the Queen Kat Designs classes? Then fill out the application and send it in! Only serious applicants only please.

Royal Court Responsibilities
Royal Court members will create 6 original card designs per month. A document outlining assignment requirements will be provided if you are selected for the team. In addition, Royal Court members are expected to submit work for publication in print media and to post QKD projects regularly in online galleries and blogs. Designers must be able to submit their best work consistently and to meet regular deadlines.

Royal Court Perks
Each month you will receive new stamps to work with and keep for your collection. Royal Court members receive generous discounts on QKD stamps and other products. Royal Court members will be given a discount code for Queen Kat Designs purchases that they are permitted to share with friends and family. And more…

Are you interested? Then send an email to inky@katstamps.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for the Royal Court Questionnaire. This is an automated system. So please do NOT email questions to this address as they will not be answered. If you have questions, please email them to:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Treats!!

Hey everyone!! I have a new Etsy store!! :) There's only 2 things in it right now.. I hope to have some time this weekend to create so I can fill it up. But come and add me to your fav's list there. Here's the link.

Here's a peek at what's in my store..

I am taking special orders for them. :) If you're interested in having your own personal cupcakes made, just let me know! :) info @ katstamps. com

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a day!

I got to make cards! I sat and played with the March Royal kit from Queen Kat Designs! Check out this snail. Isn't he just the cutest little thing you've seen??

I made this book mark for grannie. She reads so much!! and I hate to read. My friend Christy had a pic of a book mark the other night that she shared with me and I had to make one. It was allot of fun!

This is another card I made with the March Royal Kit! It's too cute! These stamps are so fun to work with!

If you'd like to see more creations with this kit, click here. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So... You think you've got snow?

HA! Think again!! We have been hammered here in Utah once again! and they say these winters only come once in 2o years. MEH on them! There have been 3 of them in the last 5 years alone! Right now I'm hating mother nature and the weather men.. Well ok the latter never has changed. Here's a shot of the deck at sometime in December or January.. I can't remember..
Note.. There's what??? eh... about 3-4 inches?? Well you better sit down for this one...

That's the same shot of it as of about... oh, 6pm tonight! There's a good 3 feet on the deck! You can't even tell we have a hot tub anymore!!! Then... Look at the poor tree..
It's a scrub oak that's so covered in snow that it's bending over the railing. Poor thing. The birdies will never be able to reach the feeder now!
This is from the front door looking out to the drive way. I just finished snow blowing.. 2 asthma attacks, 1 emergency plea phone call to my mom and between Grannie, mom, Marci and I we finished the drive, sidewalks, entry way and part of the 5 foot X 10 foot BANK of snow the *f*ing snow plow driver left in front of the mail box.. only to find BILLS in the box!
BTW.. Snow boots ARE NOT water proof!!!! After stepping in a puddle of 12" deep water my boots were full of 2" deep mucky water!
This was the scene I got after taking some snow photos on the deck tonight. It was a gorgeous sun set. I only wish it were summer and I could have sat outside with iced tea and the dogs to enjoy it.
So all in all.. I'd say I've been snowed in all day and guess what? It's STILL SNOWING! :(

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Sketches!

I just did 8 new sketches!! It's been a bit since I've sketched and I'm lovin it again. :) Here's a preview of what I've done this time...

If you'd like to see more, click here and then click on QK's Sketches. There's a total of 113 there now!! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick Post...

We have a blog candy winner! Congrats to:
Sunshinecoastgrl: Colleen

You've won my latest blog candy. Please email me your address within 48hours to claim your prize. It is now: 2/14/08 6:52pm MST

Saturday, February 7, 2009


She's got some CANDY up for grabs!!! Anyone who loves Basic Grey needs to go now!! Click here.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Some new cards...

So I actually got to make some cards not using a kit. :) Don't get me wrong.. QKD's kits totallllllly ROCK da Hizouse! But I'm from the old school where I had to match everything and do it all by sniffing out the stuff by hand. :)
This first card, I used... Well shoot.. okie, I did use a kit! lol.. But only 1 page of patterned paper from 3 Bugs and the January Royal kit stamps! haha. The strawberries are all cut out and layered on the card.This next card... I made for a challenge that Penny put out to the members on the new message board. And I combined 1 card and also made it for the challenge that Kristine put out for the Feb release party! Kinda like killin 2 challenges with 1 card. haha. :) I used Diva monster and the heart stamp from the Buddy Monster set as well as an old Valentine stamp from a mini set we did last year. It was a fun card to do. Recently I was turned on to puffy paint for shirts... Well.. I don't use it for what it's meant for! I use it on cards!! that's what all of the dots are on the card and the "X"'s on the hearts. This is probably the last Valentine's card you'll see from me this year. I'm not into it anymore but I had to make a couple for my dad and grannie. I used the new Heart It background from QKD on this card and a paper flower that my friend Nikki taught me how to make! It started white ad is now inked red. :)

Ok.. so I guess this could be the last one. :) I'm gonna send this to my little nephew Tyler for V day. Man I miss that little guy with my entire being. I wish I could just steal him and run away, sometimes. lol. (when he's being good) haha.
This is the last card I have to show yah today... I hope to have more tomorrow. This is a card I made for the Feb. release at QKD this week. I used the new Swizzle background stamp. I really tried to show it off so I kept the card simple. It's not my fav. of the lot but I think it's kinda cute.

I hope you're having a great month so far. :) I'm gonna try to blog more... now that my card making studio is getting more organized. I hope to have more pics for you soon of the final room. We worked in there alllll day today and it's finally coming together.

Have you inked a stamp lately??