Friday, April 23, 2010

And the SECRET is...

Hi Stampers!
Queen Kat Designs is proud to announce that we are changing our stamps from clear polymer to Grey laser etched rubber! That's right, REAL rubber stamps!! I am so excited, I've been chomping at the bit driving all my Facebook friends nuts with hints it's unreal.

This move comes for a couple of reasons.. #1 I can acheive more deatil in our stamps with a laser machine that I ever could with polymer. and #2 Health risks. Unless I catch myself on fire with the new machine, there's no health risks for me in making the stamps where as submerging my hands 6-9 hours a day in photopolymer and breathing the fumes didn't do me any good.

The Royal Court is so STOKED for this change they can not wait to get to work with the stamps. The machine just arrived yesterday and I'm still setting it up. I plan to have the rubber stamps in the store and starting to ship on May 1st just in time for National Scrapbook Month.

The stamps will be unmounted and will come in sets or sold as singles as we've always done it. No changes there. :) We will sell EZ Mount foam for you to mount your stamps on. It's on order and hopefully will be here sometime next week.

So... right now, ALL QKD stamps left in stock are 50% off! Come and take advantage of the sale and clear us out of clear stamps to help make room for the rubba!

There's still part of the secret that it under wraps that only 1-2 people know about.. I'm still working on the product but it'll be announced soon and will be shipping May 1st as well!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

until next time.. Queen Kat

You're probably wanting to see the difference in the stamps, huh?? Can you guess which is rubba and which is clear polymer?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow!! I can't believe this month is almost over and I've blogged once! Man I'm bad!! Well.... I've been keeping a HUGE secret that has to do with Queen Kat Designs and I'm just going to blurt it out soon if Friday don't come!! There are only a small handful of people who know and they are bursting to tell too. :) But I've sworn them to secrecy. Please come and join in the fun over at the castle. We've moved and I'm going to spill the news there first on Friday, so be one of the first to know and come join us! Here's some news I just put on the QKD blogs..

Come over to the QKD Contest blog and vote for your favorite card. Each month we have a card contest with a great prize. Since April is our birthday month for the Royal kit we are giving the winner a mini kit made up of things from our great royal kits!Also....

Come over and shop the QKD clearance sale. We are clearing out ALL of our stamps to make room for new ones. Don't be frightened, we are going no where! We are just turning up the greatness!

ALL stamps are 30% off!! Shop now for the best selection.

Have a fantastic stampy day!
Queen Kat

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Enamel Flowers

Hey there! Happy Easter.

I hope you had a wonderful day. Mine was filled with family and nummy food. Last night I ran down to get a Melting Pot from Michael's so I could try some of Suze Weinberg's techniques... She's the guest designer for Queen Kat Designs for the month of April. :) I was watching some you tube vids last night and came across one that made these pretty flowers using Prima's and UTEE in the melting Pot. So today I melted up some UTEE and made me some flowers! Here's my finished product...
I just dipped them into the UTEE face down and swirled them around with a bamboo skewer and used tweezers to take them out then cooled them down on my craft mat. It's very simple to do. These pictures do no justice what so ever! If I have some free time this week, I will make a video of how to do it. They shimmer and shine and are oh so pretty. Here are some more shots...
The teal flower was used on my Dad's Easter card. I want to try the technique using other colors to make them more vintage looking. I am waiting for the new Petaloo Color me silly white flowers to come out in stores so I can ink them up with the new Timmy inks. Oh I can see so many possibilities with them and my melting pot.. :)
Until next time...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Blog Candy Time!

Thanks to everyone who chose to enter my blog candy here. It's now closed. Although I only reached my 150 follower goal on Facebook's Networked Blog thingy, I'm going to still hand out 2 candies!! I'm going to pick randomly from the followers of my blog. If you're the lucky winner, please email me at with your address and I'll get it sent out ASAP. Drum Roll please meistro.....

Networked Blog Winner: Jodi Burkhart Neal

Blogger Winner: Jessica Buike

How were the winners chosen? Point n click. I pulled up lists of my followers and closed my eyes, pointed and who I clicked on first won. :)

I woulda used the but each time I pull up the list the followers end up in a different order so that didn't work out.

Thank you all for entering. I hope you'll keep following me and enjoy all of the crafts n things I have to share.

Take Care!