Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayers needed...

Today we found out that my dad's cancer is not shrinking with the chemo it's getting worse. Please send up some prayers for him. He is the only man left in my family and I can't stand to lose him.. Not now.. Each day I pray that the cancer shrinks and goes away but it's not working. I need more prayers and love please help me.

Dad's Gift..

I made a small recipe book for my dad this year. I also made one for the realtor who helped us buy our new house and my best friend nikki. They are all different in little ways but here is the one I made dad...
On the back of each page, I stamped a journaling spot and wrote "Notes:" on it so he could write special notes about the recipe(s) on it.. like maybe.. add more sugar... or something.

When I arrived at his house on Saturday for our Christmas get together.. He was basting the Apple Dumplings!!! Yummy!! I snapped a pic of them as he was doing it.. I thought I'd show you what this last recipe looks like before you dive in and eat it. :)

Doesn't it make you hungry??

A Gift for Grannie...

For Christmas I made this gift for my grannie. The drawings are from her mother, my great grandmother. They were drawn in the 1930's with pen and colored with colored pencil. To make this, I took photos of the drawings and printed them out on my photo printer. They look almost exactly like the actual drawings. I used QKD background stamps and some cardstock with ribbon to complete the project and then framed it in an 11" X 11" shadow box.
Did you make anything special for someone this year?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just stopping in to wish all of you in blog land a very Merry Christmas. We are expecting a really bad snow storm here tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll be able to have Christmas with my family as planned or not but I sure hope so! I have some fun pics to share with you after Christmas and after everyone has opened their gifts. :)

Take care and stay warm! Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 11...

We are almost there! Only 1 more day of Royal Christmas creations and it will be Christmas day. But for now.. Lets savor the season and celebrate today with one last card from me. I made this card using a Shortie... I used stamps from the December Take 3 kit as well as from the Royal Kit from QKD.
For this card you will need:
patterned paper
3 cardstocks
dye ink
colored pencils
3 eyelets
card base
pop dots

Step 1: Cute a piece of card stock to 4.25" X 5.5" and adhere to card base.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cardstock to 3.5" X 3.75" and adhere to right side of card.

Step 3: Cut a piece of light cardstock to 3.25" X 3.5" and random stamp it and adhere to the cardstock in step 2.

Step 4: Cut a piece of cardstock to 1.5" X 1.75" and stamp on it. This is your shortie. Mat and apply eyelets and adhere with pop dots.

Here's the sketch I used for this card. Check Nikki's blog tomorrow for your last tag from her. Thanks for coming!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 9...

my true love gave to me.... a sketch and card from Queen Kat. :) Haha.. Ok, so I can't write songs.. But I can make cards! :) Today I will share the best gift of all with you... a handmade greeting card...This card was so fun to make. I just love snowflakes... Except the kind that fall outside and make it soooo cold I can't stand it! (which BTW it's doing right now).

3 cardstocks
1 Ribbon
2 eyelets
Jumbo Scallop Scissors
Hole punch
pop dots
Dye ink pad
card base

Step #1: Cut a piece of card stock to 4.25" X 5.5" and adhere to card

Step #2: Cut a strip of cardstock to 5.5" X 2" and trim one long edge with scallop scissors and punch holes in scallops. Adhere to card about 1/2" from edge.

Step #3: Cut a piece of cardstock to 5.5" X 2.75" and random stamp it. tie ribbon across bottom and adhere to card.

Step #4: Stamp sentiment onto cardstock trim and mat as seen in photo. Add eyelets and adhere with pop dots.
Fun, wasn't it? I'm really enjoying sharing these 12 days with you. I hope you're having fun with us. Visit Nikki tomorrow for an awesome tag!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 7...

is here! That's right!! We are already on Day 7. I can't believe how fast time is flying. Today I have 2 cards to share with you. They are little 3" X 3" gift cards. You can use them for little just a note cards, thank you cards, just because cards or gift tags.
To make these.. You will need :
Patterned paper
dye ink
card bases folded to 3"X3" (3" X 6" flat)
Stapler with staples

Basically it's all cutting and measuring to get things to fit. It will depend on the size of the stamps that you are using. I used the stamps from the December Take 3 Kit here at QKD. The stamped pieces of cardstock are also known as "Shorties". It's a new trend that trumps inchies any day! Shorties are 1.75" X 1.5". Just a little bit bigger and oh so fun! The Royal Court was challenged by Nikki to make shorties a few weeks ago. They really had a blast. Come to the gallery and check them out. Shorties can be used on cards, tags, gift cards, scrapbook pages and more! Have you made your shortie today?

How fun would one of these be made with the Princess Carriage and castle? fun!! Check out Nikki's blog tomorrow for another fun tag.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 5...

Thanks for coming!! Today is Day 5 of our 12 Royal Days of Christmas. I am going to share a card with you today. I am in love with the December Royal Kit from QKD. It's sooooo pretty! I've made over 20 items with 1 6X6 kit and can still squeeze few more out of it! To see some of the other things I've made check out the gallery.For this card you will need:
1 Patterned paper
3 colors of cardstock
1 ribbon about 12" long to tie
pop dots
dye ink pad
versamark ink pad
1 Card base folded (4.25" X 5.5")

Step #1: Cut a piece of card stock to 4.25" X 5.5" and adhere to the card base.

Step #2: Cut a piece of patterned paper to 4" X 5.25" and tie the ribbon around one end of it. Swipe the edges of the pp on an ink pad to give a distressed edge look. Adhere to card

Step #3: Cut a piece of cardstock to 2.25" X 4.25" and adhere to the right side of the card leaving about 1/2" on the right side.

Step #4: Cut a piece of cardstock to 2" X 4.25" and random stamp with versamark ink and stamps of your choice. Adhere to card.

Step #5: Stamp a sentiment on plain cardstock cut and mat as seen in photo. Adhere with a pop dot.

and Viola! you have a fast, simple, fun card!

Don't miss the fun tag from Nikki tomorrow at her blog. She's really on a roll with these. Thanks again for coming. We hope you are enjoying our 12 Royal Days of Christmas.

Royal Wednesday

Hey everyone! It's Royal Wednesday over at QKD! There's a fun challenge up and a couple of awesome cards to go with it! Check it out here.

Each Wednesday the QKD Royal court is hosting a challenge and offering some kind of blog candy. Stop by and get your chance to win.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 3...

Welcome welcome! Today I'm going to share a fun ornament I made this year. These are fun to hang on Christmas trees.. But I also like to add them to gifts. Spice up that birthday or baby shower gift with a cute ornament. They can also be used in cars for mirror decor.
To make this cute simple, double sided ornament you will need:
Nestabilities- Round Scallop
QKD Stamps
Dye Ink Pad
5 different patterned papers
6" of ribbon
Stapler with staples
pop dots
paper piercer
hole punch or crop-a-dile

Step #1: Cut the various circles needed:
2: 4" circles
2: 3.5" circles
2: 2.25" circles

Step #2: Stamp on the 2 top circles. You can use any stamps you want to. But I used the stamp set from the December Royal Kit and Get Inked! Kit at QKD.

Step #3: Adhere the two largest circles together with mono adhesive. take care and don't get it on the scallops or you will gum up your hole puncher. Next, add the ribbon to the ornament. I used two staples in an X pattern to keep it in place.

Step #4: Punch holes in the large and medium scalloped pieces all around the edges in each scallop. And then take your paper piercer and pierce holes in the 2 small circles that you stamped on.

Step #5: Using pop dots layer your circles together and hang your new ornament. :)
I once made these with frogs on them. They were sooooo cute! The sky is the limit on the themes you use these for. Have fun with them they are addictive. Stay tuned for another tag from Nikki tomorrow at her blog..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ME? wow!

Another award... How fun is this? Thanks, Ashley. I really appreciate your thoughfulness.
Hey guys.. I was awarded this fun blogging badge from my friend Ash. She's a great gal. :)

Here is the deal for the Kreative Blogger Award:
The winner may put the logo on their blog.
Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
Nominate 5 blogs.
Put links to their blogs
My 5 nominees are.... *drum roll*

Juliet D
Penny H

Julie M
Irene T

Cheryl W

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 1...

Welcome to the beginning of the Queen Kat Designs version of 12 royal days of Christmas. We will take you through Christmas Eve with fun and inspiring projects. Nikki and I have created 12 fun and exciting cards, tags and ornaments for you. Each of these projects can easily be transformed into other occasions, themes and colors. Make sure you print out the info we're about to share with you for your technique/idea folder. :) I will share 6 projects on my blog and Nikki will share 6 on hers. They will all be shared day by day on the QKD Blog!

So.. with out further adieu... Here's day 1's card for you. It was made by me..
For this card you will need:
1 card base (4.25" X 5.5" folded)
3 different patterned papers
1 plain cardstock
2 colors of dye ink pads
ribbon tied into a small knot
Nestabilities- Round Scallop (you can also use nested punches)
Die Cut Machine
pop dots

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of patterned paper to 5.5" X 2.18" and adhere them to the card base vertically.

Step 2: Cut 3 circles with your nesties or punches. Stamp on the top circle. I used the snowflake stamps from the December kit of the month from QKD.

Step 3: Stamp a sentiment onto plain cardstock and mat with patterned paper.

Step 4: Using pop dots, adhere the circle and rectangle onto the card and add ribbon.

Below is the sketch I used for the idea on this card. Feel free to use the sketch over and over. :)

How easy was that?? I hope you've enjoyed this card. See you tomorrow @ Nikki's Blog.

Paper used on this card was Cosmo Cricket: Oh Joy Christmas paper from the QKD December Royal Kit.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

QKD will be having a 12 days of Christmas celebration over at the blog. We will be showcasing 1 Christmas card or project each day beginning this Saturday through Christmas Eve! I'll leave you with some Christmas cards I've made this year. These are all made with the December 2008 Royal Kit from QKD.To see more of my cards, tags and recipes click here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The new year...

The new Get Inked! kit preview just hit the blog! You'll surely want to get your kit on order NOW!! They will sell out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's crop time!

Let's get this party started!!! We have a chat room set up over at Etsy for you to interact with us on. Come and get in the party. The password to the room is: releaseparty

Grab your hot cocoa, stamps and stuff and settle in for a night of fun and stamping with Queen Kat Designs.

They're here!

So, you've been waiting half the day to see what we have up our sleeves for you, right? Well, they are here and in stock and ready to ship!!

What a fun collection! The Royal Court has been having a blast designing with these stamps! Stop by the gallery after you order your stamps to see all the fun, royal creations.

Coming up at 1:00, we will be spilling the cat nip about our newest stamp designer!