Monday, June 30, 2008

Headin out...

It's finally time to go camping this year! Since life has been up in the air for the past 2 months I'm just shutting everything down and headin' out. Who ever is around to come is welcome.. If no one is, I'm goin' alone! I called today to the camp ground to make sure they'll have spaces on Wed and they said they don't think so.. So I guess I'm headin' out tomorrow with HIGH hopes of getting a spot.

The new stamps are up over at QKD... The kits will be up before I close up shop..... The Take 3 kits are up too. We have some FUN stamps for July in the Take 3 and August is killer too! For $20 a month and 3 stamp sets?? How can you go wrong?? SJ, Tanis and I are working hard to bring you the best sets possible.

I'm gonna take some stamping stuff with me and see if I can get some stuff done up there. So hopefully by the time I come home I can blog with some new creations! :) So.. until then.. take care and stamp your heart out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Cards...

Here are a couple of cards I made today. I wasn't planning on doing anything but cleaning my office today... Then I started working... and I got interupted by someone playing stupid games with me and I lost my train of thought.. so I milled around for a couple hours... Went to the bank and came home.. sat with the dogs until they started jumpin on me... and then I went down to my studio and made 3 cards times 3. :) LOL! I'm making cards to send out for CHA promotions so I'm making everything times 3-4 or 5 when I do make something. LOL!

So.. here's 2 cards I made using the June Take 3 kit from Queen Kat Designs...
Then... last but not least... Here's the Father's Day card I made for dad this year. :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great Day!

Well guys... I had a GEEER8T Birthday today... (oh, you didn't know my birthday was today? lol) It started by taking grannie to the hospital for more blood work.. (which turned out good, so we are happy). then it was off to my mom's church. She bought a birthday cake and took it to her church. after services she served it up to everyone. Apparently she announced that it was my birthday because everyone was coming up to me asking if I was the birthday girl. LOL! It was fun and I got my chocolate cake fix. :)

Then I took Grannie to my house and I made some cards for the June kit samples. It was my month to do samples and I'm so late in getting them done it's insane! But I got em done and they are in the gallery now. :) After that, we went to the $1 store and looked around.. Didn't find any good flowers or sb crap so I just got the 9V battery for the sprinkler system that I needed. LOL what a buy huh?

Next we went to Grannie's house. She was going to make a birthday card for me.. We sat there for an hour and half and she just fumbled around and we chatted. I drew some stamp designs up and she just sat there. LOL. This is not un common at all for us. We rarely do what we set out to do when we do get to it. hehe. Then we went to my dad's house and checked out his latest shooting project. He's building a rail gun and has just finished the storage boxes for it and OMG, guys these boxes are freakin awesome!!! We are going to start marketing them. So if you or someone you know shoots and loves to keep their guns and supplies in order and in a safe place, then make sure you watch this web site. We will be adding them to the store soon!

After that, we all went out to dinner. We went to Sizzler. It was good but since I've been sick, it took my 4 times as long to eat the food because I still can't swallow correctly. My throat is still swollen but it's getting better. I wasn't gonna miss a dinner on the town with my dad and grannie, no way!! Being in my dad's presence is everything to me. That man means more to me than anything.

Then I came home and worked a bit. I am trying to get myself on a schedule so I'm not to here and there on work things and hopefully it will help me to focus and get things done easier and faster. I haven't been able to focus really since February, so it's about time that I get back on the horse and ride!!!

Well... I'm not leaving yah without some pics!! here's the samples that I made today with the June kit...
Get the kit now. It's a fun one!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

QKD Calls

Queen Kat Designs is looking for 3 new Royal Court members. Come and check out the calls on the Official QKD blog!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Crawling Out...

Hey everyone! It's me.. Yep. I haven't fallen off the planet yet. But I am sick now. Man, what else could happen? Grannie's been in the hospital for a week, I've got a broken heart, dad starts chemo soon and I'm sick now to boot.. and on top of that.. houst hunting.. OMG, I can't take much more!
My lil sis {Marci, 10} spent the night with me last night.. good thing she was here. the garage flooded! we spent a good 2 hours cleaning it out at about 10 last night. anyhow.. we made some cards last night! My mom is a new CTMH consultant (yeah go figure).. and she's having her first "gathering" tomorrow and needed samples.. So I volunteered like a moron to help.

So.. here's what we accomplished last night between 8pm and 2am and allowing a good 2 hours for garage clean up. :(

This was a pen holder that we made her as a suprise for her inagural gathering. :) We decorated popsicle sticks so she could use them in a game or as discount sticks. Something I learned when I was with CTMH.

This is an invite that I made at about 1am this morning.. :) I was looking through a PC magazine and got the idea. It was I think June/July's issue from last year. the reverse has the party info on it. It can also be used as a place holder for a dinner party or kids bday event.
this was the last card that Marci made last night. We were getting tired and she decided we needed to make a card that had funny colors that didn't match... But I think it matches just fine.
This is the first card I made of the night. I used the June STOM from CTMH (This is the first time I've stamped with stamps other than QKD in almost 2 years!)
This was the first card that Marci made of the night. Pretty cute if I can brag on her! :)
This is I think the last card I made of the night. It's pretty bright and cheery.
Jut a fun bday card I made. I don't really like the stamp set but my mom wanted a sample out of it.
Isn't that flower just too cute? I want one!!

My little stamper... Yep this last one was made by my little 10 yo sis. She's getting good at stamping. It was quite fun to have her over. :) Thanks for stamping with my Marci. I luv yah!