Friday, June 6, 2008

Crawling Out...

Hey everyone! It's me.. Yep. I haven't fallen off the planet yet. But I am sick now. Man, what else could happen? Grannie's been in the hospital for a week, I've got a broken heart, dad starts chemo soon and I'm sick now to boot.. and on top of that.. houst hunting.. OMG, I can't take much more!
My lil sis {Marci, 10} spent the night with me last night.. good thing she was here. the garage flooded! we spent a good 2 hours cleaning it out at about 10 last night. anyhow.. we made some cards last night! My mom is a new CTMH consultant (yeah go figure).. and she's having her first "gathering" tomorrow and needed samples.. So I volunteered like a moron to help.

So.. here's what we accomplished last night between 8pm and 2am and allowing a good 2 hours for garage clean up. :(

This was a pen holder that we made her as a suprise for her inagural gathering. :) We decorated popsicle sticks so she could use them in a game or as discount sticks. Something I learned when I was with CTMH.

This is an invite that I made at about 1am this morning.. :) I was looking through a PC magazine and got the idea. It was I think June/July's issue from last year. the reverse has the party info on it. It can also be used as a place holder for a dinner party or kids bday event.
this was the last card that Marci made last night. We were getting tired and she decided we needed to make a card that had funny colors that didn't match... But I think it matches just fine.
This is the first card I made of the night. I used the June STOM from CTMH (This is the first time I've stamped with stamps other than QKD in almost 2 years!)
This was the first card that Marci made of the night. Pretty cute if I can brag on her! :)
This is I think the last card I made of the night. It's pretty bright and cheery.
Jut a fun bday card I made. I don't really like the stamp set but my mom wanted a sample out of it.
Isn't that flower just too cute? I want one!!

My little stamper... Yep this last one was made by my little 10 yo sis. She's getting good at stamping. It was quite fun to have her over. :) Thanks for stamping with my Marci. I luv yah!


Tanis said...

I had no idea you had a little sister!! She made some cute cards! Great job on yours....but that goes without saying :)

Queen Kat said...

Thanks Tanis! I actually have 2 little sisters. :) I have Marci who is 10 and then Alysha who is 9. :) Marci is my mom's and Alysha is my dad's.

Jo said...

Wow, you made these when you were ill!! Can't wait to see your creations when you're on top form! Hope your luck starts to improve soon :)

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Wow, Vicki, you definitely have enough on your plate. I hope all goes well with your family and that you feel better soon. Cute samples - I love the pen cup too!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Looks like fun. I'm glad you got to be creative and have fun. Cute cards.

Angie C said...

Great cards and hope thing improve for you soon

Maureen said...

WOW! What a lot of wonderful samples!