Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Join the fun!

The party is on! Come check out my good friend Juliet's blog! She's got blog candy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A few cards...

February is right around the corner!! I can't believe it. Time is sure flying. Here are some cards I made tonight.. Very simple and fun. All of the stamps are from the new February release stamps that Queen Kat Designs will be putting out on Feb. 1... So check the store then!

Have you made a simple project lately?

How do I store my stamps?

I've been asked this question at least 10 times this month alone. So.. here's my answer...

I don't catalog them, I don't file them, I don't number them or label them. I have done all of the above in the past. #1 it takes too long and #2 they always get messed up! So, I keep them in a dresser drawer and flip through them to find what I want.. I can usually remember where I stuck "the one" when looking so I am good with this system for now. I know the pic says they are cataloged and all that, but this is an OLD pic! and I do not have 1 drawer full anymore.. I have 2 and will need a 3rd real quick! you saw how many stamps are in 1 case!! I use BOTH sides of my cases. Can you guess how many stamps are in this one drawer alone?? I lost count at 4000. Happy guessing!

Misc. stuff...

This weekend has flown by wayyyyy toooooooo fast!! I have been preparing for the stamp show in August that QKD will be exhibiting at! and man I didn't get very far! I got 1 1/2 aprons made... 3 name tags.. I bought the fabric for the backdrop and the sign... I got the stuff for the sample wall.. now that needs to get painted and I need samples!! the Royal Court is hard at work on them right now.

I just made some stamps, just now!! Yeah baby! Fresh stamps.. mmm nuttin' like em. I'm about to go make some samples with the new stamps coming out Feb 1. Do you have sumpin to say? Well, wait till Feb 1 and you can say it. :) Does that tell yah about the new stamps?
How about those babies??? You have NEVER seen fresher stamps than that!! They were made 5 minutes before that picture was taken!!

It's lookin like it's going to dump a *s* load of snow on us tonight.. they are talking ANOTHER 14".. YIKES!! where are we going to put it?? In this first pic.. there's BARELY enough room to get the "bug" out of the driveway. My truck has been sitting for a while cuz it can't fit out of the driveway!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The party is on the run...

Come join the blog party in progress. QKD is hosting a month long round robin blog party. We are over at Alex's blog now!

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a blue day...

I've been eyeing this paper for a while now so I used a coupon and snagged it up... I actually got to sew on a card today!! I was looking in my Cards magazine from January 2007 and it had a nice card in it so I "lifted" it but I tell you, mine looks NOTHING like the other card. Take a look... (it's to the left.)
Then.. for my next one, I used a new crown that's coming out soon along with the new Ribbons stamp set that came out Jan 1. It's kinda fun.. Quite simple but I think the patterned paper may be a little much..

Now for the real shabang gody of all gody cards... The main background paper is flocked.. the dark paper is debossed with metallic words and on top of that, I've stamped paisleys and added a ton of mini copper brads! What was I thinking?? :)

Stamps used: all Queen Kat Designs: Fancy Paisley, Ribbons, Crown

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Triple C...

Here's some cards I just made for Sierra Grannie's challenge. She's hosting this round of the traveling blog party for Queen Kat Designs. You should check it out. The prizes are fun stamp sets.
For the card above, I used the Between Friends stamp set and the Royal Wings set.. For the card below, I used the pointy flower and the Fancy Paisleys. I stamped the flower 3 times and cut it into layers and then glittered it up. It's quite sparkely!and here's a card I made just for fun. I used a few stamp sets for this one... Box it Background, Lead the way and the Feb. kit club stamp set...

Have you made your challenge card yet?

Saturday Night..

My life is pretty boring.. Look what I did last night...
I stamped the new monster stamps from Queen Kat Deigns with red ink (it was the first color I found) and colored them with my Souffle' and Glaze Pens. I guess you could say I was bored!

Then... I took all/most of my Cards magazines/books to Kinkos and had the spines cut off and then I bound them with my Bind It All machine!

They cut all the spines off for a mere $4.36! Alphagrapics wanted $4 a BOOK! what a rip off!
I'm so happy now that they are bound. I have so little space on my table when I create that fitting a fully opened book it a real PITA not to mention it always wants to slam shut on me.. so being able to fold them over is a real treat!! I highly recommend binding your books. :)

Is space a problem for you when you create?

NEW stamps!!

The new CHA stamps were just released over at Queen Kat Designs!! Come get em!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Phew! What a busy 2 hours!

Wow! 5 cards in 2 hours... Not a bad record... Well, ok that's not a personal best, but these cards aren't too shabby if I may say so myself. These are all made with some Artic Frog (RIP Artic Frog) papers... CTMH and chalk inks and various embellies. The best part of them is the NEW Queen Kat Designs stamps!!! That's right NEW STAMPS!! Oh my!

These newbies come to us from a new stamp designer that I hired a little bit ago (and I DO mean a LITTLE bit)... I'm not telling who she is.. it's a secret! And I'm not displaying the main stamps in the sets, that's her job. :) but I wanted to play today so I took some new stamps and de-virgin-ized them with my inks. Check it!

How long does it take you to use new stamps??

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Couple of easy cards...

Here's some cards I made a few nights ago.. Very simple and easy...
The top one was made using the new Aloha stamp set from QKD and the bottom was made using the gift set and the mini XOXO set that will be coming out Feb 1. The flowers are $1 specials! :) LOL! Yeah, I take hell for that all the time but you know what, I love all brands of flowers and everyone knows, I OWN all of them!! If you could see my flower collection you'd die!

What are your favorite flowers to use?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UHHHH??? how will this work??

Here's an announcement that has me head spinning off my shoulders..

"We're pleased to announce that Chatterbox has joined 7gypsies as part of the Ultra*Pro family! Melody will continue to serve as Head of Design for Chatterbox, and our Design Department will remain in Idaho. We're extremely excited about this new opportunity, and we look forward to showing you the new products we're developing for release at CHA Winter!"



And comes together in ONE company?? Will someone please tell me I'm reading wrong and this ISN'T happening???? How is that doing to work? I just can't wrap my mind around 7 Gypsies and Chatterbox being 1. :(

Friday, January 11, 2008

More cards!!

Today turned into a productive day as far as cards go!! Here are my last 3 cards of the day.. This first one is my very first card that I made using my Cricut!! I used the vase with flowers from the Celebrations Cartridge! :)

Stamps Used: All QKD
Happy Skullz
Box It
Adoring Tattoo
Crowning Moments

Now that I think about it.. I think that hauling up a handfull.. Or a roller tote, a carry tote and a table top tote full of things from my workshop downstairs and creating at the dinner table watching corny movies with my 2 babies (Bubba n Lucky)... I think that just a change in scenery in the house gave me the umpf to make all the cards I did today. :)

Do you ever change your creative places?

My First Valentine Cards...

It's that time... I can't believe Valentine's is coming soooo fast!! DH and I don't really celebrate it.. We try to go out to dinner but it's usually too crowded and the lines are too long.. Last year I remember we tried to go to this nice steak house and we were walking up the drive way and a couple was standing on the porch having a smoke.. We asked them how long they'd been waiting.. They said they had been there since 6 pm waiting for a table.. at that time it was almost 9pm!! So, DH and I went to Taco Bell.. HA! How sweet is that? I guess some people would like it but that's not exactly what I had in mind for Valentine's. Another thing we do is exchange cards. He buys his and I make one. One time he went down stairs to make me a card while I was sleeping and he ended up going to the store and buying one because he said "I didn't know where to start, none of your stamps are on wood blocks." I just laughed and opened my card from him. Ok... ok.. here are the cards I made today.. (Mind you I was supposed to be making stamps today but I just had creativity on my mind.)

Stamps used: Royal Wings, Mini Valentine's Sets (coming soon), Happy Skullz, Love Letters: all from Queen Kat Designs.

Products used: Grungeboard, Tim Holtz Crackle Paint, Distress Ink, Scrapworks patterned paper, Prima Flowers, Scrapworks chipbard hearts, ribbons & brads from QKD's Store and Stickles.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winner Winner.. Stamps for {dinner}

LOL! I so couldn't resist that title for this post!! Thank you again to everyone who participated in my blog challenges!! The winner for my 3 day mini crop is.... Stephanie Earls! Congrats. You'll be receiving a limited edition mini stamp set from QKD! (I have your addy and I'm mailing your prize today)

OMG! I have to win this!!!

A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!

The Prize:

Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow

The winner will receive a brand new
Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow

About the mixer:

From Hamilton Beach’s “Eclectrics” line, this all-metal stand mixer comes with a host of accessories - a Flat Beater for cakes and cookies, a Dough Hook for bread and a Wire Whisk for whipped cream or pudding. The 4.5-qt. stainless steel bowl comes with a Pouring Shield that helps prevent splattering while in operation. The pouring shield has a built-in chute for adding ingredients. Powered by 400 watts, the stand mixer has a two-way mixing action to ensure all ingredients are incorporated into the mix. The quick-release, tilt-up head assists when removing the bowl. 9 x 14 x 14-in. When you’re ready for a kitchen re-do, don’t call in the carpenters! Instead, “counterscape” your kitchen with Hamilton Beach’s retro-designed, affordably priced electrics in happy, sun-saturated colors. Their “Eclectrics” line includes updates to those classic appliances from the 1950s. All of their “Eclectrics” are available in six colors: Apple Green, Moroccan Red, Pineapple Yellow, Intrigue Blue, Sugar White and Licorice Black.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you everyone who played in my challenges these past 3 days! I'm excited to see who wins. :) There's sill 2 hours to submit to challenge #3!! I just want to let you know that we are moving to Nina's Blog now!! Come with me and let's keep on keepin on!

Thanks again!

Snow Day!

I have no clue when it started snowing this morning as it was about 6am when I first saw it and there had already been 12" that had fallen... By 3:30 pm, we had 18" of the fresh white crap! It's STILL snowing and it's 8:48 pm!!! there's about 24" of new snow so far and it doesn't look to be stopping. I can't get the truck out of the drivew way because for one, the drive way is slanted and the truck is in the wrong way to be able to get out, for two I need new tires and for three there's 24" of snow on it!!!
I'm fit to be tied. I had erronds to do today and orders to ship and things to buy for the stamp show and none of it got done! So what DID I do today?? Well, it included about 20 tv court shows, 4 calendars, 2 wet dogs and a snow shovel! Does that sound fun to you? If so, get on a plane and come play! :) I've had a few people ask me to send them some snow.. I'll tell you what, if I could have a penny for ever square inch that's in my yards right now, I'd be a gazillion-are! If you want some snow, come and take it... I'll be happy to help shovel it into boxes for yah. :)
Here's a picture "diary" of my day... I let the dogs out to 'do their thing' while I was making the calendars at the dinner table.

The above is of Lucky digging through 3 feet of snow to get to his red ball! It's funny, he knew exactly where he left it! Do you seriously think Bubba wasn't going to try and get the ball?......
Bubba tried and tried to find it but I think Lucky was standing on it at that point! hehe, smart dog!

VIOLA!!! There it is!And here's what I shut the door to make after snapping off these pictures...

There's 1 more but I don't know what happened to the other picture.. Oh well! You get the idea. I made calendars today! I made them as samples for a make n take I'll be demo'ing in August at a stamp show. I'm not tellin' where! :) I used the Fancy Brackets and the new ribbon stamp from Queen Kat Designs.

So.. what did you do today?