Friday, January 11, 2008

More cards!!

Today turned into a productive day as far as cards go!! Here are my last 3 cards of the day.. This first one is my very first card that I made using my Cricut!! I used the vase with flowers from the Celebrations Cartridge! :)

Stamps Used: All QKD
Happy Skullz
Box It
Adoring Tattoo
Crowning Moments

Now that I think about it.. I think that hauling up a handfull.. Or a roller tote, a carry tote and a table top tote full of things from my workshop downstairs and creating at the dinner table watching corny movies with my 2 babies (Bubba n Lucky)... I think that just a change in scenery in the house gave me the umpf to make all the cards I did today. :)

Do you ever change your creative places?


Tanis said...

{cool cards!}
I wish I could change up my space...for me it's the dining room table or the living room floor (which are about 5 feet apart). I actually like being able to watch tv from my dining room table while I create. I am very much a multitasker and can't do anything just by itself!!

NancyK said...

Wow -three cards in a go girl!!
I don't usually change my place - I'll just go look out the window or watch HGTV to get a break.

Kanani said...

Love the skull and crossbones!

My stampin space usually stays in one room, otherwise, it takes me forever to get my stuff put away if I stamp somewhere else.