Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Couple of easy cards...

Here's some cards I made a few nights ago.. Very simple and easy...
The top one was made using the new Aloha stamp set from QKD and the bottom was made using the gift set and the mini XOXO set that will be coming out Feb 1. The flowers are $1 specials! :) LOL! Yeah, I take hell for that all the time but you know what, I love all brands of flowers and everyone knows, I OWN all of them!! If you could see my flower collection you'd die!

What are your favorite flowers to use?


Tanis said...

I just bought some primas awhile ago - "The Bigger Bag".
The flowers are a good size and are paper (my fav for flowers!)
Love these cards...simple is good!

Queen Kat said...

Thanks Tanis!

You know a good place to get Primas?? (or I think that's the link it may be .net)

Anywhoo... get one of their $10 grab bags and you won't be disappointed! I've bought 2 of them so far and man o man!! Jennifer is great too! :) (she's the owner)

I love big flowers. I'm getting into the mentality that more is more and bigger is better on cards.

the dreamer said...

Hi, Vicki! Hope you don't take it against me that I'm not really a flower girl. Hehe.

Sometimes, it makes my head spin trying to try and figure out how to put embellies which are not flowers for my little boy's layouts. =)

Can't wait for the February release of stamps! =)

SBS5 sister/QKD Royal Stamping Maid DT <--- split personality, harhar

Jamie Martin said...

Cute cards, great use of flowers :)

SBS-5 Sister

the dreamer said...

You lucky thing! Please, please do show some Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite fun here so I can drool some more until it reaches Philippine shores. *sigh*


Queen Kat said...

LOL, nina! I will do so! :)

khepworth said...

I love the Aloha card. I guess being part Hawaiian, I am naturally drawn to it. I love the flower on it. Oh, thanks for the web address on where to pick primas up. I will have to check it out.