Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UHHHH??? how will this work??

Here's an announcement that has me head spinning off my shoulders..

"We're pleased to announce that Chatterbox has joined 7gypsies as part of the Ultra*Pro family! Melody will continue to serve as Head of Design for Chatterbox, and our Design Department will remain in Idaho. We're extremely excited about this new opportunity, and we look forward to showing you the new products we're developing for release at CHA Winter!"



And comes together in ONE company?? Will someone please tell me I'm reading wrong and this ISN'T happening???? How is that doing to work? I just can't wrap my mind around 7 Gypsies and Chatterbox being 1. :(


Tanis said...

So many mergers lately.
You're totally right.
7 gypsies and chatterbox have nothing in common. wierd. hopefully nothing bad happens. i would hate to see 7 gypsies amazing products go cute :/

Queen Kat said...

Tanis, you hit the nail on the head! While I don't own more than 3 pieces of Chatterbox paper, I like their stuff.. And I have some 7 Gypsies stuff, I can't see how the two will do being together..

I mean 7 Gypsies whole "scheme" is "gypsies" and moving around and now that they are "tied" to Chatterbox what are they going to say? "Gypsies in Idaho"? I Don't think so!! argh..

Penny said...

it is an interesting combination -- hope they keep their separate identities!