Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Day!

I have no clue when it started snowing this morning as it was about 6am when I first saw it and there had already been 12" that had fallen... By 3:30 pm, we had 18" of the fresh white crap! It's STILL snowing and it's 8:48 pm!!! there's about 24" of new snow so far and it doesn't look to be stopping. I can't get the truck out of the drivew way because for one, the drive way is slanted and the truck is in the wrong way to be able to get out, for two I need new tires and for three there's 24" of snow on it!!!
I'm fit to be tied. I had erronds to do today and orders to ship and things to buy for the stamp show and none of it got done! So what DID I do today?? Well, it included about 20 tv court shows, 4 calendars, 2 wet dogs and a snow shovel! Does that sound fun to you? If so, get on a plane and come play! :) I've had a few people ask me to send them some snow.. I'll tell you what, if I could have a penny for ever square inch that's in my yards right now, I'd be a gazillion-are! If you want some snow, come and take it... I'll be happy to help shovel it into boxes for yah. :)
Here's a picture "diary" of my day... I let the dogs out to 'do their thing' while I was making the calendars at the dinner table.

The above is of Lucky digging through 3 feet of snow to get to his red ball! It's funny, he knew exactly where he left it! Do you seriously think Bubba wasn't going to try and get the ball?......
Bubba tried and tried to find it but I think Lucky was standing on it at that point! hehe, smart dog!

VIOLA!!! There it is!And here's what I shut the door to make after snapping off these pictures...

There's 1 more but I don't know what happened to the other picture.. Oh well! You get the idea. I made calendars today! I made them as samples for a make n take I'll be demo'ing in August at a stamp show. I'm not tellin' where! :) I used the Fancy Brackets and the new ribbon stamp from Queen Kat Designs.

So.. what did you do today?

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Tanis said...

I love all your snow too! It's good to know that Manitobans aren't the only ones that get dumped on :)