Friday, January 4, 2008

Recent Sketches...

Wowie!! I got to sketch today. I can't believe it. Here are 5 of my latest sketches, you can see more here.

Can you sketch? I'd love to see it, if so link me!


Belas Creating Place said...

Hi: great sketches...May I try one?


Penny said...

great sketches!

Queen Kat said...

Thanks you guys!

Bela, I'd love to see what you make from them!! :) Feel free to share them on your blog if you want to. :) I'd appreciate a link back.

Cheryl said...

GREAT sketches! Love them!

Alison said...

Cool sketches!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Vicki! I'm just crawling out from under my rock to greet all my SBS5 sistahs a Happy New Year!

Hope you are having a lovely new year and please send my best wishes to your loved ones, especially Bev. Oh gosh, didn't realize the face stamp was Bev's design! That's such an awesome stamp.

Anyhoo, oh wow, you are on a roll with these sketches. Will have to try them sometime soon, as soon as I finish all these scrapping deadlines I've set for myself. And it's been cwaaazy. Your little DT is just a dizzy little spinning top. =)

Love yah!

SBS5 sister too! =)

Nancy Grant said...

These are great sketches Vicki! I'm gonna have to give'm all a whirl!