Sunday, January 27, 2008

Misc. stuff...

This weekend has flown by wayyyyy toooooooo fast!! I have been preparing for the stamp show in August that QKD will be exhibiting at! and man I didn't get very far! I got 1 1/2 aprons made... 3 name tags.. I bought the fabric for the backdrop and the sign... I got the stuff for the sample wall.. now that needs to get painted and I need samples!! the Royal Court is hard at work on them right now.

I just made some stamps, just now!! Yeah baby! Fresh stamps.. mmm nuttin' like em. I'm about to go make some samples with the new stamps coming out Feb 1. Do you have sumpin to say? Well, wait till Feb 1 and you can say it. :) Does that tell yah about the new stamps?
How about those babies??? You have NEVER seen fresher stamps than that!! They were made 5 minutes before that picture was taken!!

It's lookin like it's going to dump a *s* load of snow on us tonight.. they are talking ANOTHER 14".. YIKES!! where are we going to put it?? In this first pic.. there's BARELY enough room to get the "bug" out of the driveway. My truck has been sitting for a while cuz it can't fit out of the driveway!


Nancy Grant said...

OOOO.. that's a whole lot of snow!!! I don't envy you.

Those aprons are too cute! You all will look so sparkly at the show.


LaY hOoN said...

I just love snow !