Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Night..

My life is pretty boring.. Look what I did last night...
I stamped the new monster stamps from Queen Kat Deigns with red ink (it was the first color I found) and colored them with my Souffle' and Glaze Pens. I guess you could say I was bored!

Then... I took all/most of my Cards magazines/books to Kinkos and had the spines cut off and then I bound them with my Bind It All machine!

They cut all the spines off for a mere $4.36! Alphagrapics wanted $4 a BOOK! what a rip off!
I'm so happy now that they are bound. I have so little space on my table when I create that fitting a fully opened book it a real PITA not to mention it always wants to slam shut on me.. so being able to fold them over is a real treat!! I highly recommend binding your books. :)

Is space a problem for you when you create?

1 comment:

Tanis said...

Oh they are super cute all coloured up like that! Can't wait to use the actual stamps :)