Friday, February 6, 2009

Some new cards...

So I actually got to make some cards not using a kit. :) Don't get me wrong.. QKD's kits totallllllly ROCK da Hizouse! But I'm from the old school where I had to match everything and do it all by sniffing out the stuff by hand. :)
This first card, I used... Well shoot.. okie, I did use a kit! lol.. But only 1 page of patterned paper from 3 Bugs and the January Royal kit stamps! haha. The strawberries are all cut out and layered on the card.This next card... I made for a challenge that Penny put out to the members on the new message board. And I combined 1 card and also made it for the challenge that Kristine put out for the Feb release party! Kinda like killin 2 challenges with 1 card. haha. :) I used Diva monster and the heart stamp from the Buddy Monster set as well as an old Valentine stamp from a mini set we did last year. It was a fun card to do. Recently I was turned on to puffy paint for shirts... Well.. I don't use it for what it's meant for! I use it on cards!! that's what all of the dots are on the card and the "X"'s on the hearts. This is probably the last Valentine's card you'll see from me this year. I'm not into it anymore but I had to make a couple for my dad and grannie. I used the new Heart It background from QKD on this card and a paper flower that my friend Nikki taught me how to make! It started white ad is now inked red. :)

Ok.. so I guess this could be the last one. :) I'm gonna send this to my little nephew Tyler for V day. Man I miss that little guy with my entire being. I wish I could just steal him and run away, sometimes. lol. (when he's being good) haha.
This is the last card I have to show yah today... I hope to have more tomorrow. This is a card I made for the Feb. release at QKD this week. I used the new Swizzle background stamp. I really tried to show it off so I kept the card simple. It's not my fav. of the lot but I think it's kinda cute.

I hope you're having a great month so far. :) I'm gonna try to blog more... now that my card making studio is getting more organized. I hope to have more pics for you soon of the final room. We worked in there alllll day today and it's finally coming together.

Have you inked a stamp lately??


Wendy said...

You made wonderful cards! They all looks so great!

The twins mum said...

Wow these are just wonderful, the ice cream one has made me hungry, yum!Take care enjoy yur day

Kristine B. said...

Super duper CaUTE!! :) Loving all of them, but that strawberry one is my fave. No, the bright pink and purple monster one is. No, the strawberry, ya the strawberry one, LOL. Oh, they're ALL wonderful!

btw, I just changed my blog candy post a little. Becoming a follower is one entry and if you post my candy link on your blog, you can leave a 2nd comment ( will then count both) Thought I'd give ya that little tidbit ;)

Cheryl said...

Very cute! I love the embossed flowers!

Queen Kat said...

thanks for the nice comments.