Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So... You think you've got snow?

HA! Think again!! We have been hammered here in Utah once again! and they say these winters only come once in 2o years. MEH on them! There have been 3 of them in the last 5 years alone! Right now I'm hating mother nature and the weather men.. Well ok the latter never has changed. Here's a shot of the deck at sometime in December or January.. I can't remember..
Note.. There's what??? eh... about 3-4 inches?? Well you better sit down for this one...

That's the same shot of it as of about... oh, 6pm tonight! There's a good 3 feet on the deck! You can't even tell we have a hot tub anymore!!! Then... Look at the poor tree..
It's a scrub oak that's so covered in snow that it's bending over the railing. Poor thing. The birdies will never be able to reach the feeder now!
This is from the front door looking out to the drive way. I just finished snow blowing.. 2 asthma attacks, 1 emergency plea phone call to my mom and between Grannie, mom, Marci and I we finished the drive, sidewalks, entry way and part of the 5 foot X 10 foot BANK of snow the *f*ing snow plow driver left in front of the mail box.. only to find BILLS in the box!
BTW.. Snow boots ARE NOT water proof!!!! After stepping in a puddle of 12" deep water my boots were full of 2" deep mucky water!
This was the scene I got after taking some snow photos on the deck tonight. It was a gorgeous sun set. I only wish it were summer and I could have sat outside with iced tea and the dogs to enjoy it.
So all in all.. I'd say I've been snowed in all day and guess what? It's STILL SNOWING! :(


Anonymous said...

awww V!!! im sorry hun!!!! snow is no fun when there is soooooo much of it! hope this start warming up for you soon! xoox

Christy said...

Beautiful picture of the sunset V! I feel your pain about the snow!! Love ya!

Kari said...

I feel your pain! Our house looks the same!! I can't wait for Spring!! :O) Try to stay warm!!

Callie said...

That sky scene is beautiful!! We get snow like that in Idaho... I LOVE it though... although I am ready for spring... and Knock on wood, I think it's headed our way!