Friday, May 23, 2008

100th Post

Well... This is my 100th post on my blog. I never thought I'd have that much to say on one of these things! Wow!

The reason for this post is to tell you about one of my very bestest friends in the whole world. Her name is Tanis. She's always there to cheer me up when I need it and to help out with the business when she can. With all the crap going on in my life right now, she's never strayed from my side. I've never ever had a friend like that and I just wanted to THANK her for her love, caring, support and all the work she has put into QKD over the past months. Tanis is one hell of a good friend and I'm so thankful for her and I'm so lucky to have her in my life. So Tanis, if you're reading this, please know I luv yah and I'm so thankful for you.

There's a few more people I'd really like to thank as well... Lindsay.. girl you know I got your back and much love for you. Guys, Lindsay is so fun to be around. She's always there to lend a hand and to crack a joke when needed. She's super sweet and uber goofy. Many hugs and thanks to you Lindsay. :)

Then there's Jules. OMG, this girl... I can't even begin to tell you what Jules means to me. I've known her for over a year and it seems like eternity. She's a true southern bell in my eyes. (wether she sees it like that I don't know.) Thank you Jules for your faith, love and support you have lent me. You mean the world to me.

Of course I can't forget the whole QKD design team and stamp designers. If it weren't for them, the last 3 weeks, I'd have gone nuts in my own skin. Their love for each other and the company really shows through. These girls have made bonds that will last a lifetime. I'm so happy to have each one of them in my life and on my Court. So, Nancy, Toni, Heidi, Amy, Nikki, Pookie, Suzann, and Penny... Thank you so much. You are the best DT ever!!

And last but for sure not least!!! SG.. That's right, GRANNIE... She's been here physically and mentally for me through the past weeks. She's stood by me when I wanted to curl up and die. She's pushed me and shoved me into getting back on track. I can't even begin to tell you what a gammot of emotions we have been through in the past 8 weeks. It all started when she fell and broke her ankle.. then my back went out and the family was torn apart after that. So as you can imagine we are trying to get our lives back on track.

So to all my friends, THANK YOU!!! Know that I love you with all my heart and I truely appreciate all your love and support during this rocky patch. Hugs to you all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life Sucks!

Well it's been a while hasn't it? I have not fallen off the face of the earth although I wish I had. I won't go into details but I just wanted to let all my bloggin buddies I appreciate your love and support. And to my friends, thank you for being there with me during this time in my life.

I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm starting my life completely over. So I don't know how much I'll be around at least for the next few months. I will update with creations when I make them. I have not made anything in a few weeks and really am not planning on it any time soon. So... I'll leave you all with some blasts from the past.. These are some fav's I have in my "picture vault"...

This is a puzzle I altered for my dad for Christmas in 2005. It has a lot of pics of me and him from our life and just different things to remind him I love him when he looks at it.

This was the very first recipe card I made. I made it when I just started with CTMH in 2004. Simple huh?

Then.. this is a paisley card I made last spring sometime when I released the paisley stamps at Queen Kat Designs.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I mean come on!!! I'm only 27!!! I can't stand this pain anymore!!! Thank God for this "stimulus" check.. even though their mailing schedule is TOTAL CRAP!! Yes, Bush you heard me!! TOTAL CRAP! I won't see mine until July. What's that about? How hard is it to print checks and put them in the mail? I mean come on!! (yes I realize there's billions of checks to go out)... Oh stop it! I can whine if I want to. LOL! I can hear Lindsay now.. yammering in my ear.. LOL! Just kidding, L-Dawg. :) I luv yah! :)

Anyhoo... I've decided since I can't REALLY afford to get a pool this summer... I mean $1200 doesn't go very far in the pool industry you know? I've really spent time thinking and figuring out why I can sit up just fine but when I lay down my back kills me.. It's the BED!! Stupid saggy mattress... Blarg! So.... I'm heading to IKEA tomorrow to look at new beds. Then if they don't have a mattress, I'm going to check out some local high priced furniture stores.. I found some nice platform beds online at IKEA that you don't use a foundation with and that's the whole problem is the stupid foundation!!

So... I think platform is the way to go! and guess what the best part is?? I'm going KING sized so when the dogs decide they NEED to sleep with me and DH there's room for ME on the bed! I somehow always end up on the guest bed when both dogs NEED to sleep in the bed. Uh hu! Picture it.. Close your eyes and think of 2 adults.. 5'9" and 5' 10", a 109 lb black lab and a 112 lb chocolate lab in a QUEEN size bed.. Along with 4-5 cats... Hmmmmm sounds really messy doesn't it? It's not the comfortable, let me tell you...

As I type this I'm sitting in bed.. there's a dog at my feet and 3 cats to my left then there's dh on the FARRRRR left snoozing away. LOL.. You'd think that at 2:13 am I'd be sleeping too huh? Nope! I had a rough day with my back and my stomach was upset to boot so I'm still up.

Hey.. why not share some pics of what I'm rambling about? Let me see if I can find the bed I want..See.. It's simple and plain. Just what I want these days. The one I have now is an elaborate 4 poster bed and it's fit for a queen.. I'm getting to the point in my life where I want simple and clean and straight. I don't like having nooks and crannies poking me in the back when I sit up to blog at night. :) LOL!

Well.. ok, I just had to post something! It's been nearly a week since I last blogged. I'm sorry, no new cards yet! all my stuff is at grannie's still. I hope I can go get it soon because I have mom's day cards to make.

My mom has really stepped up since my back issues started. She's taken me to the Dr.. to the ER... to get meds on a Sunday when there was no one open.. She's come over to pick me up off the floor when I fell last week and she's come over to stay with me to make sure I'm ok when no one else could/would be here with me. So this year I'm actually going to spend the entire day with my MOM! I haven't spent a mother's day with her in many years. I've always gone to be with grannie. But this year I think it's time for a change of tradition. So mom, if by chance you're reading this, THANK YOU!! I appreciate you and all you've done for me lately. PS.. wanna go to IKEA with me? :)

I promise to you my friends and blog readers.. I will NOT post another blog post without CREATION pictures in it!! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So.. what are your plans for the day? There's loads of online activity. I'll be flat on my back in bed. My back really did me in tonight. I was heading to the bathroom at about 6 or 630 tonight and I fell down because I couldn't stand straight up and I couldn't make it back to the bed. :( Luckily I was close to my cell phone I was able to get my mom on the phone. She had to break into the sliding glass door to get in but she got in.. Called my step dad and he came right over... it took 6 hours to get me off the floor. I just couldn't move my back and every time I tried it sent shooting pain down my legs. So.. I just laid there crying. My sister has a fiddling competition at 7am so I just told my step dad to take her home and my mom stayed until DH got home from work. and finally I just got enough energy and guts to just DO IT! And I sat up and got up and flopped on the bed. Man this is not fun. It's now 3:20 am and I'm still wide awake.. Boy this post has turned into a whine fest. I'm sorry guys.

what are your plans for this fun day???

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The BIG reveal...

It's been a big day for Queen Kat Designs!! We released so much goodness into the stamping industry today it's unreal!!! We have new stamps, new kits, new Get Inked! kits AND the best part.... the NEW Take 3 Stamp club!! Make sure you come to the QKD blog to check it out. We are just so excited to introduce our new club to you. 86% of the people who took the poll voted for a stamp club over a paper club!! That's great news. You voted and we listened. Come and check it out!