Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tick Toc...

It's a clock!! That's right. :) I made a clock. I've always wanted to try making one and today I had the purrfect chance! Since my dad is going through chemo it's making him more and more weak and he thought that he'd sell his camper trailer this year... Then all the suddon about 3 weeks ago I get a phone call from him. He wanted to trade me his trailer for mine.. well... as some of you know, that trailer was my pride and joy. I've been fixing it up for the last 3 years!! and I finally got it to a point where I was ALMOST done.. lol and dad wants it NOW? haha. I had to say yes! How can I turn dad down? I can't!! there's a soft spot in my heart where he is. So.. I told him he could have it.

The reason for the trade is because his trailer is so heavy and long.. Has a full bathroom in it and it's just too hard to take care of and set up when camping that it would wipe him out just to set it up to relax in. And my trailer is light and a little shorter.... He's decided to make it into a shooting trailer where he can sit and load his rounds at the matches (he's a state champion and a competitive shooter.)

I tell you, I painted my other trailer and it didn't take 1/2 the time this one is taking lol. I primed for 8 straight hours today and I'mve going back to paint it tomorrow! No more ugly wood 70's paneling for me, thank you! :) and I'm headed to Joann's to scour the clearance rack tomorrow for fabric to recover the ugly seats. lol (sorry dad).
Anyhow.. about this clock.. There was a clock above the dining table in the trailer... I took it down and brought it home.. I painted the frame and made a new clock face for it. I used a mermaid picture that I got from my new friend, Maigan Lynn who is also the newest craze over at Queen Kat Designs! You won't want to miss next months release!! it's going to be so awesome!
So.. I used numbers from a cuttlebug set I have.. I alcohol inked some paper into tones of pink and reds and then cut the numbers. I used black card stock and the photo and that's it! It took me a while to put it all back together. I couldn't remember which way the hands went. There are 3 different ones and if you don't layer them right the clock won't work! lol. The clear dome is really scratched up and the pic is horible but it looks better in person. I hope you enjoy my clock! I will have some pics of the trailer for you soon. :) maybe tomorrow while I'm painting I can get dad to take pics (minus me) lol.
Have a grea Sunday!


maigan_lynn said...

AWWW! YAY!!! It turned out lovely! Thanks for using one of my prints to help you decorate! It looks fantastic! Love the TEAL!!! :)

"Jany" said...

What a lovely clock!!!! You really are pretty creative to use that image in a clock! Way to go!