Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just love my new house. :) the deck is GREAT for evening sits. Although we live in the "city" it feels like we live in the middle of Hawai'i or some tropical oasis. Who ever landscaped the back yard knew I was coming!!! It's so fantastic. We have a few resident squirrels that beg for peanuts. And we feed them!! They have gotten used to us on the deck and come within about a foot before they turn and run. I've named this one Sally. It appears to be a momma by the nipples on her belly. she has a nest in the big pine tree in the neighbors yard.

This first pic was taken while i sat at the patio table.. You can see the railing on the bottom of the pic.. and the green string holds up a bird feeder that we converted to a peanut holder... Until the big huge black and white birds came and ate all the peanuts! Damn birds. lol

This second pic is Sally wondering where to jump next to get closer to the peanuts I just set out for her. hehe. She has a certain path that she takes each time she comes to visit. I hope you had fun seein my new buddy. :)

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