Monday, November 10, 2008

Cards to share!

Phew! Saturday is over. It took 2 days to recover from all that partying! Since I didn't see many of you blogging friends there i guess I'll have to share my creations here... These were all made with the new releaes that we had on Saturday! There were 10 stamp sets in total. all with the animal theme. 4 sentiment sets and 6 image sets! That's a lotta stamps!

Have you ever seen a cuter monkey? I am having a blast with him and the palm tree! It's a build a palm it comes with the coconuts, 2 different sized leaves 4 in all and then the trunk! It's from our new stamp designer Lara O. The monkey is from who else? but our very own SJ!


Juliann said...

What a great bunch of animals!!
Yes that monkey is adorable, I love his face!
The owl is so cute and chubby, love them all!

Have a great week!

btw, I have a new blog cuz I am a bone head and deleted my old one,
here it is:

Kari said...

Fun cards!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

All these cards are wonderful!! :) I've added you on my blog!! TFS!

Janine said...

Great cards!! How have you been??
Love the look of your blog too!!
Have a great evening!!

AJ said...

HI Vicki! Great cards!!
they are all so fun!!

"Jany" said...

Those are really a good looking set of stamps!