Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New things!!

Today was a buys bee day for me! I went shooting with dad today and it was so much fun! I'll post a pic of our target soon. I need to get it out of the car. lol. If you don't know.. my dad is a competitive shooter and hold some state records!! go dad! anyhow.. he's trying to get me into it. I want to but geesh it's soooo expensive! so today I went to the range with him and shot with his new gun that he built. :) It's fancy!! I want one.. only.. I want it in PURPLE! :)

I also go to go back to the SEI warehouse today as well. I got the paper for July's Royal Kit over at Queen Kat Designs.. It's FANTASTC!!! I can't wait to make the stamps to go with it! But I have 3 months ahead of it. lol
Lately I've been selling my stuff on Etsy.. Well, I've had 21 sales! yay me. :) Here's some of the latest that's in the store now..

Then.. there's these special gift cards... I haven't been able to make enough! LOL! I've sold so many of these little things. They are so fun and cute. 6 for only $3.50.. Peeps are eating them up!! Come and get some stuff from my Etsy store!

I'll be adding the crochet flowers to QKD's store soon too. I just need to make more. :)

Till next time... Get stampy!


Kristine B. said...

OK V... I would REALLY REALLY love to get the instructions from you for those crochet flowers! I totally know how to crochet and knit...I've make numerous afghans, scarves, hats, doilies, even stuffed animals but am not skilled enough to come up with my own pattern for them. I don't buy them because I know that I CAN make em, I just need a pattern. Would you mind sharing?? How about if I bat my eyelashes and make you lots of pink and purple sweets?? Please? heehee.

Callie said...

Cute stuff! Are you getting my emails? Cause I keep sending you stuff and not hearing anything back? Let me know!!