Monday, August 10, 2009

Help for Anam

Hello everyone.
I just learned that one of my friends needs a bit of help. She's trying to gain full time citizenship in Canada from the UK. She needs to raise $4,000 by September something.. It's not like me to ask for help like this.. and I KNOW it's unlike Anam to reach out like this. She and her hubby and two gorgeous daughters love living in Canada and would like to stay there. If you'd like to read her story of how this came about, please click here.

How I know her? Well, Anam came to me over a year or so ago and offered up some designs for journaling blocks for Queen Kat Designs stamps. I jumped and said heck yah! We've been friends ever since. She's a nice person who really deserves the world. She helps everyone out when she's needed and doesn't ask for anything in return.

She emailed me tonight and asked for some items to be donated to her etsy store so she could try to sell them to earn the money for her residency. I've wrote her back and pledged as much as I could between my two businesses and my personal crafty world.

If you have some awesome stuff that you'd like to donate to her for her cause, please email me and I'll set you up with Anam. info @ katstamps. com

Please help her out! She is a really awesome person!!

Thanks for reading and listening.

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