Monday, August 17, 2009

Look what I made!

Hi everyone. Just a quicky before I head off to the pillow for the night. :) The Findings Kit was jut released over at Queen Kat Designs. I want to show you all what I made with the kit. There's lots and lots more that I've done with this one kit. so make sure you click the link at the bottom of this post to go see it all.

This is a covered journal that I made. I'm saving it for a special Christmas gift. :) I can't tell you all the steps I took to make this puppy. It's got at least 5 different distress inks, Extra thick embossing powder, mod podge, hot glue, monopoly houses, dictionary pages, pin wheels, Monopoly board pieces, puzzle pieces and more on it! This thing is HEAVY!! It's a great paper weight. :)Life's a game play it! Ain't that the truth?? If you don't play it, it'll play you! I love this card. The purple is so vibrant. I had some old note cards I'd purchased from Staples at 0.25 a box for like 15 cards back in like 2003. LOL. They have the pretty embossed rectangles that you see on here.. I need to figure out how to do that because once I run out of the 4 boxes I bought for $1.00 I'm sure to want more! :)Oh boy, what didn't I use on this card? lol it's full of fun vintage finds from the kit. I had a blast making this card. I used a sketch from the QKD gallery to complete it if only I could remember which one. :) (hey, it's 1am I'm entitled to a bit of memory lapse.)
So.. can you guess what this card is hinting for you to do? LOL! I totally did NOT plan this at all. Read the 3 highlighted areas that are matted with blue. The first person to tell me what it means (correctly) gets the card. :)

Thanks for coming. I hope you'll get a Findings kit of your own. Click here to see the rest of what I came up with.

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Nina said...

Heya, Vicki! Gorgeous creations and congrats on the The Findings kit! It's just total eye candy gorgeousness!

Hope you're doing well. Bev told me you gals have had quite a week. Always praying for you and your family.

Posted about The Findings on my blog. =)