Saturday, January 31, 2009


So... Queen Kat Designs revealed it's big secret today!! We now have a company message board. The Royal Court is stoked to be able to share it with you!!! We are sooo happy to have it we are giving out stamps!! wooo hoo!!!! FREE stamps!!! Ut oh.... I think that's called BLOG CANDY!! That's right baby!! Blog Candy=Free Stamps!!

Let's see what I have here to give away....

OOOO!! Looks like I have some fun cards and a stamp set.... :) Wonder who will win?? Will it be YOU? Wanna know what you have to do to win???

Two simple and FUN things!!

1. Sign up on the new message board and introduce yourself to everyone. You're sure to get a warm friendly welcome!! (link me to your post)


2. Sign up to be a follower on my blog. (If you're already a follower kudos to u!! You ROCK :) )

Bada-bing-bada-boom! you're entered to win!!

Drawing will be held for a winner on February 14th! That's right.. Sweethearts Day!

You must complete both steps to win.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Birthday Cards...

Ok.. so... I FINALLY got to make cards in my new room!!! I can't tell u how much mojo I have flowing through my brain right now ready to be unleashed on paper!!!! So, I took a February Royal Kit from QKD and cut it up... Inked it up... and made 9 cards last night!! I can't tell you how good it feels!! I haven't made cards in MONTHS!!!!
So.. Check it out.. Here are a couple of my fav's from the batch..

The candles are seperate stamps from the stamp set that I just stamped at different heights and colored with my CTMH markers... No, I do not own Copics!! *WHAT? No Copics??* lol NOPE! then I used some glitter glue on the flames. It's really cute in person. :) Dang! this card looks so flat! It's not really!! I distressed the edges of the cardstock and patterned paper with my Tim Holtz paper distresser.. That thing is nice and all... but come on.. they coulda made it a bit bigger to hold onto.
I like this one because it's simple and to the point. the "dots" at the bottom is glitter glue I had layin around. :) I really had fun with this kit. If you'd like to see all of my creations please visit this link. :)

Here's the full kit picture.
It will go on sale tomorrow and there are only a few 6X6 kits left and we are sold out of the 12X12 already!! So, if you'd like to get on the list for March please email me.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Candy Winner

I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this!! My computer blew up and I had to have a new one built. We have a winner of the blog candy...

Congrats to Holly.

Please email me your addy and I'll send your cards and stamps right out. :) info @

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Cupcake Class

Join QKD for a fun class. This month we are featuring sweets!! Yummy. The cards were designed by our very own Nikki and the directions were written by Vicki.. aka Queen Kat. In the past we've provided some fun classes and this is the beginning of a year of new ones here at QKD. Each month we will provide you the best in card making classes.

This product is to pre order the February card class. Kits will ship on or before the 15th of each month.

What do I get when I sign up?
  • A packet of supplies to make all 6 cards
  • Access to the secret message board where you can get personal help from Nikki and Vicki for your class and you can print the directions from there as well
  • Stamps!! Yep that's right! You get stamps in the kit
  • Sketches of all 6 cards to use later
Why sign up?
  • Get instructions that you can use over and over..
  • Learn new things..
  • Build your card stash so you always have a perfect card on hand..
  • Build your stamp collection..
  • No mojo required! Everything is cut to size and designed for you..
  • Build your personal sketch collection..
  • Have some stamping fun..
  • Try things you may not have normally tried or thought of on cards
February cards:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi everyone. I just came to share a fun alien blinkie with you but I can't get it to work on a post. So I'll work on it in the next day or so.. sorry! he's a cute little guy that SJ made up. :)

So.. I came to say WHAT'S UP??? I haven't made anything in a VERY long time so I don't have anything new to share with you as far as crafts go...

BUT I do have the Get Inked! kit preview for February!! This kit ROCKS!!! The color of the month is Red and aren't these stamps fun fun fun??

Friday, January 9, 2009

So.. You like candy?

*Sticky post* Scroll down for the latest from the Castle.

Well here's your chance to win some! I have a set of 5 handmade cards that I made. If you sign up to be a follower of this blog and leave a comment about a stamp set you'd buy in a heart beat if it were made I'll put your name in a drawing and some lucky stamper will be the recipient of the blog candy cards and maybe a QKD stamp.. :) Drawing to be held on January 20th. Comments will close on January 20th at 10 am mst. Here's what you could win..

My new stamp room

Well... It's been a LONG time coming!! The divorce is OVER, I'm moved and settling in... And the craft room is finally taking shape. I really am happy!! So I'm here to share the story of my new almost done stamp room... It all started with a messy un finished basement room.. about 464 sqf total. As my little sister Marci pointed out.. "That room is shaped like Utah" My response: "Yep! Whoop-d-doo!" lol. Here are some pics of the room before I moved in..

After this.. Came the dry wall. We went through 2 different contractors.. NEVER hire "friends of the family" to do the work unless they are licensed and have a legit resume. If they just "know how to do it" say, thank you but NO thank you!!! It just doesn't work out. We ended up finishing the priming and painting ourselves. See the nice clean concrete floor? Well watch in the next pics and see what it turned into after 3 buckets of dry wall mud.

Ok.. Now.. see that "bench" in the second photo in the left hand side of the pic that has a plastic tub on it? Well, I have to tell you that thing weighed like 400lbs!! It had 12 drawers on it and 2 pieces of 1" OSB board on the top!! This thing would have went through the world end and come out standing! Well.. here's what happened to that bench!

Dad had a fun time sawing it to bits and pieces!

And yet it's STILL there!! He used a chain saw.. and that didn't work... Then he got out the trusty Skil-Saw. That thing ate through it like butta!

This is all that is left of the bench.. Buh-bye!

(this is my little Nephew Tyler he was with us for Christmas and he helped clean up the bench)
Dad got the first honors of clearing the dust of the dearly departed bench from the craft room floor. :) That vaccuum was new.. Then the dry wall ding dongs came in and splattered drywall mud alllllll over everything!!! We are still chipping it off of the ladders, air compressor and other tools. YUCK!!
So... Then came the scraping of the floor and clearing of the room. This involved more of the family. My mom, Marci, SG and I scraped, mopped and cleaned the mud covered floor so we could lay carpet. I can't tell you what a chore that was. Many hours, blood sweat and tears were shed over that messy floor! Here's some pics to commemorate the event.

Did someone say CHILD LABOR? Haha. She was willing!! She can't wait to see the room finished so I'll shut up about not being able to stamp!!

Ok so after hours of scraping look closely at the poor kids hands!! They are RED!! Sorry Marci. XOXO.. Sis luvs yah. :) this is a pic of her and one of my pups.. Lucky. He's my under the feet, on the lap, always by my side dog.. In fact he's my foot rest right now as I write this!

That night SG, mom, Marci and I went down to Lowe's and bought the carpet for the floor. We asked for help from the "employees" to get it into the back of my truck.. Well after 5 min.. no one came so Marci and I went and started to load it in.. I took one end and she took the other (12' X 16' each piece) we got 1 into the truck when some good samaritans came over and offered to help us.. All while my mom and SG were in the store STILL trying to get help from the store.. Can I tell you how much I HATE Lowe's? there's more to that story in a bit!! Yeah this is a looong post! :) Here's the carpet that we drug down stairs the next day and installed...

The next day... Dad, Judy (step mom), Alysha (my 10 yo sis), SG and I installed the carpet! OMG I will NEVER tackle that ever again. I've been laid up all week in bed with a bad back because of it. Note to self and everyone reading.. There are professionals for this job! HIRE THEM! Although the final product looks pretty dang spiffy for a bunch of amatuers. Here's Alysha celebrating the 1st 1/2 of the carpeting being DONE!!
Kid looks happy huh? Well after that, she went and watched Horton Hears a Who and abandoned us workers. LOL! We finished the carpet and that night I moved all of the furniature in and the next day began un packing all the boxes. To date I think there are something like 20-30 more boxes to unpack!! YIKES! Mind you this room is for SG and I to share.. But still.. I've unpacked close to... Oh probably 40 boxes already.. Dang this girl has WAYYYY too much stamp crap! Care to come over?? :) and finally.. Here is what the room looks like at this very second...

To the left is SG's section.. To the right is me... Straight ahead is going to be the die cut center. :)

Here's a pan of SG's section.. It's fairly neat and tidy wouldn't you say?? :) She hasn't unpacked 1/2 of her stuff!!

This is becoming the die cut table. It'll have the side kick, cuttlebug and Big Kick on it with all of our dies, embossing and stuff on it.. Then.. On the other half of the table that needs to by folded up is going to be a computer with my new QK Shilouette machine I got in May and never used.

This is my area... OMG what a mess!!! I LOVE IT!!! Creativity is NEVER clean.. Or never happens in a clean area when I'm involved. If it's not chaos I don't know how to do it! Haha.
This is my over flow.. It's behind the door and butts up to SG's space. :) My flow and over flow are over flowing wouldn't you say? And I'm not done yet!! :) Geesh if I don't finish soon I'm gonna go nuts. Oh wait.. Been there done that! so.. what do you think of our new room???

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To My Creative Friends..

I have a special award to give out... Even though I only HAVE to give it to 5 people... I would love to give it to more. :) This is to the people that inspire me and people who are my friends. :)
My award goes to...
Nancy K
Julie M

Now it's your turn girls.. who inspires you? Take the award and post it on your blog then name at least 5 people who you'd like to have this special award.