Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's almost Easter, right?

Ok so maybe not for a while... But I had to make this card!! I just had to. The stamp was calling to me. Her name is Carrot Bunnie. She's illustrated by Che Gilson over at Queen Kat Designs.
I used some hinges I've had forever! I mean... like.. oh.. maybe 5-6 years or so.. and some fun star brads to attach them to the card. This is one hefty card by the time I layered all the cardstock and added the metals.. I bet it weighs 1/2 a pound. lol
The hinges are actually functioning and the panel with the bunny open up. Under it I hand wrote "Happy Easter" and I still have the entire inside of the card to write to the person I send it to. I have someone in mind for this and I think her lil 12 year old heart will love it. :)

I used my Prisma pencils with gamsol to color the image and then touched up some parts with a Sailor metallic silver pen. It really adds some bling.

If you don't have any metallic pens, I suggest the Sailor brand. they come in a metal shaft with a shaker ball inside to really mix up the color. The tips are metal and once the paint is flowing it just glides on. I have both silver and gold.. well worth the money.

Ok... So that's my blog post for the day. Wow 2 days in a roll! I'm proud. :)

Take care and stay warm!

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