Thursday, December 20, 2007


The poor boys have to stay inside now cuz it's just too cold to play outside in the snow.. They aren't snow dogz! They are like their mommy.. give me a tropical place and a beach and I'm happy, make it cold and snowy and watch me turn into a Royal *B* in 20 seconds. Hehe..

Anyhow.. I felt sooo bad for them today they were just layin around and not acting like their usual rambuncious selves.. So I got out this snowman toy that I had since Bubba (the black one) was a baby and I started them playin.. oh man, although it lasted about 10 minutes it was a riot! Lucky (the brown one) was on the couches and bubba was on the floor they were pulling and tugging and growling it was hilarious! I just have to share some pics with you. I hope you enjoy!
This is where Lucky said, "I'm tired, Bubba! I want to eat the snowman now".. and that was my Q to take it away. This is the kat.. Tigger.. She's looking at them like WTH is going on?

Are your pets this crazy?


Tanis said...

My cat got an unexpected visitor today (at least from his viewpoint...).
My mom and dad's dog is here till tomorrow. Needless to say the cat is hiding in the basement.

Jamie Martin said...

Cute dogs, I don't blame them for not wanting to be in the snow. My dogs always want to be inside and we don't even have snow :)

SBS 5 Sister

Belas Creating Place said...

Oh my what a funny bunch and the kitty priceless is that?!
Yes, my pet is a nut bar and he is addicted to hot cocoa. On my blog you will see a photo of Papi, he literally got caught in the act of drinking my daughter's hot cocoa when she left the snack table to go to the washroom. He is licking his chops LOL>
The pets get in a tizzy too during the holidays so it's not just the kiddies. LOL>

Queen Kat said...

Bela, that picture is sooo cute!

Juliann said...

I have 4 crazy yes my pets are nuts too! I am convinced it is what keeps me sane! Looks like they were having a great time! Have a great holiday!