Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A gift...

Well.. A while ago, DH decided he wanted to get into N Scale trains... So we went and got a "starter kit" and he's since acquired some more cars and track for it, a little train depot and a gazebo kit I got him for his b-day.. He can't leave it out because of the ZOO we have around the house, the cats would knock it over and play with it and the dogs.. well, they'd just EAT it! So, he hasn't really been able to set it up properly. I've been trying to think of a way to cover a coffee table with a plexi-glass box and I figured that wouldn't give him enough room..

So, I have this corner in my stamp studio that has a table set up with a board on it that he's been using when he does pull out the train set. After Christmas I'm going to work on trying to enclose that for him. It's safer down there with only 1 cat who lives in the room and an occasional dog. :)

But I wanted to do something for Christmas for him in the "train relm" so I made this...

It's the official Queen Kat Designs Freight car!! I appologise for the HORRIBLE picture. My camera is not working properly. It just started taking shotty pictures. I painted it purple with some model paint and then used AMM letter rub ons for the QKD and I used some 3 bugs in a Rug rub ons for the flowers. Then I added some bling with mini pink rhinestones. :)

I've been telling him since he got the set that I was going to do this and he didn't believe me! HA he's gonna die laughing when he sees it. I'm just gonna smile and say, "I told you I would". I can't wait for it's first travel down the tracks.

I hope you enjoyed my quirky Christmas gift. I'm almost done with handmade items and am most certainly done shopping! My bank is broke down, they closed their doors cuz I spent too much, again. LOL!

Merry Christmas! What did you do for your loved one this year?


Tanis said...

Too cute! I hope he enjoys it too!

Belas Creating Place said...

Hello I just joined the sisterhood stampers no. 5. Nice to meet you, my name is Bela. I look forward to meeting new stampers and challenges. Bela

the dreamer said...

Oh wow, how cute is that train! My son LOVES the Thomas and Friends series so I know he'd be thrilled if he were up and saw your train. LOL.

I still can't believe that you've done so many handmade things for Christmas! All your recipients are so lucky, including me! =)

Hmm, now what the heck am I gonna give my husband for Christmas?


Charlotte said...

Hehehe... great gift! LOL
I haven't bought a gift for my BF yet, so I guess it's shopping time for me! ;)

Nice to meet you btw!

Charlotte (SBS-5 sister)

Julie Koerber said...

Just thought I'd drop in and say HI!
I'm a sista in the SBS5!
Look forward to getting to know you!!!

Pooka said...

My dad is a certified train freak. Half my parents' house has been taken over by the layouts he carts along to shows all over the state.

My brain is frying right now with everything I have to do. I've still got cards to make, I've got a few pairs of earrings done, but have three bead crochet necklaces to do, as well as ...

Ack. Yeah.