Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm tagging some people...

I know... I don't really take tags.. But this one is a fun and simple one! If your name is below it's because I love your blog and creations on it. So, you've been dubbed a QKD Princess. Take the button below and display it proudly on your blog. When I come across great bloggers, I'll post more "tags" here. :)

Nancy K:


NancyK said...

Oh Vicki!! Thanks so much for thinking of me!! I'm doing a blog post tomorrow and will add that cute button!!

Rosietoes said...

Thank you so much for this lovely surprise. My button is now proudly on display on my blog.

Juliann said...

Hey thanks for the tag!!!!
It is an honor!

the dreamer said...

Hey, what about you? I'm thinking you deserve a Princess Button too!

Happy Valentine's Day! =)

SBS5 sister

Belas Creating Place said...

Thank you ever so much, a Princess buttong is so nice to receive. My daughter will be thrilled to know this because she knows how much I Love Cinderella. I feel like a Princess.
Thank you.

the dreamer said...


Love yah, my friend. Do take care of yourself.


Jamie Martin said...

Hey Vicki, just stopping bye to say hi and to take a look at all of your great creations :)