Sunday, February 3, 2008

When will it stop?

Ok.. It's official.... the snow NEEDS to stop!!! The snow banks are OVER the roof of my truck!!! And I don't drive no MINI truck! Good gollie!! We've had over a foot of snow in the last 10 hours and another 4-6 inches coming with a winter storm watch in effect until tomorrow at 6am. I just got home from the post office and it's snowing AGAIN!

This picture above is what I see when I step out my front door.. Note there are about 5-6 steps down to the driveway from here... but This was taken when I opened my front door. :(

Yesterday you could only see the front door to my mail box!! It's a good thing DH was off work today so he could shovel out so the mail man knew what number our house is! LOL! (Yes, my mail box is BLUE! I painted it)

This is looking back from the street at the house.. It's incredible how much white crap there really is!

And last but not least... Mr. "I LOVE the snow".. Doesn't look too happy there does he? HAHA!


Kanani said...

Whoah!!! We are getting hammered here in Idaho and Utah too. The roads were so bad we turned around and went back to Idaho (we were trying to get back home to Utah). We'll try again tomorrow. Where are you? This winter has been a crazy one. Looks like a snowblower would be a good investment.

Stay warm! Kanani-redeyestamper

NancyK said...

Oh my Vicki! That certainly is alot of white stuff!! Makes me happy I no longer live in Connecticut!! Here's hoping spring comes early to you!

Queen Kat said...

LOL.. I live in Utah. That's where these pics were taken! It's too much snow!! The snow blower ran outta gas right before I took the pic. There's NO snow melt left in a 100 mile radius of my home in Ogden. Luckily 2 weeks ago we invested in a 50lb bag. DH has been on ration. :)

Nancy, I can't wait for spring to come!! I hate it.

Tanis said...

OH MY!! That is totally crazy!! And he's shoveling by hand??
Well, your grass will get a nice soak when it melts, anyway :)

toners said...

Your winter looks like the one we had here in Conifer last year...the snow covered the ground from October till April!

Juliann said...

I thought we had a lot of snow...I am near Chicago, looks like you got double what we did! Ugh, I am so sick of it! Can't wait for spring!