Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's becoming so CLEAR...

My cards that is! Yeah yeah, that was corney! I know... :)

Check it! I made my first clear cards today. I've wanted to do it for a long time but I kept forgetting about it so today I was looking through a book and it had one. I immediatly put the book down and went and made some! :)

February stamp of the month from QKD
pp from who knows where
Red Stazon
Black Stazon
Clear Acetate
2 Cherry Red Eyelets

Stamps from QKD
Clear Acetate
Timber Brown Stazon
Black Stazon

I made 2 more but I can't show them to you until tomorrow!!! They are made with the new CHA stamps from QKD. :) I aslo have a few regular cards to show yah but they can't be revealed until tomorraw.

*off topic... I'm sitting here blogging and DH is in the other room watching the news... someone is going around in Salt Lake shooting puppy dogs! How horrible is that? OMG, if someone dares to hurt my babies... watch out.. you ain't never me that mad, no matter who you are... So to the horrible, rotten, POS monster who's doing this...... I hope you shoot yourself in the foot! How can you kill an innocent little puppy dog?????????

Ok... I'm finished.. like they are seriously going to read this... but I had to get it out!


Cheryl said...

Very COOL! I love clear cards!

Kanani said...

I've always wanted to try acetate cards. Yours are very cute!

Julie Koerber said...

The coffee card is totally me! I laugh in the morning because if someone tries to talk to me too soon in the day I just say I am JBC (Julie Before Coffee!) Thanks for sharing your card--really fun!

Gia Harvey said...

What a fab idea!

Your new SBS 13 sister - Gia