Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday QKD!

I'm so excited!! My baby turned 4 today!! We are having a big party on the blog this week with lots of prizes!! And I have one special one here for you from my friend Che Gilson! Che is a fantastic manga artist and she's the one behind our Gothic Dollies stamp line as well as the Circus Zodiac! Che has graciously donated some signed prints to QKD today for prizes!! A big thank you, Che! I have paired one of her lovely prints with the Virgo stamp from the Zodiac Circus stamp line! This is the prize for this blog contest. :) So... All you have to do to win is identify the stamp on this card. If you correctly identify it by name, you'll be entered into a drawing on Monday and I will announce the winner on my Tuesday blog hop post for QKD right here on my blog!I made this card for my dad's birthday.... He never got to see it so I'm hoping he's with us today to receive his birthday card. :)

Ok my friends, identify that stamp!! Don't cheat by looking at all the answers above you.. that's no fun! Go to the QKD store and look for it. Please visit my good pal Melia next! She's another stamp designer for QKD! You'll love her post I promise!!! (I've seen it and it is cute!)

Whole hop order:
QKD Blog
Vicki- Here!


Nina said...

Seriously pretty stuff you made, Vicki! =)

And those giveaways on FB are just uh-may-zing! =)

jan farnworth said...

love your stuff.

Penny said...

gorgeous!!! love it!

silvia said...

Hugs!!! I'm so sorry that your dad did not get to see his card in person. You used "Vampire Boy" on it.
Happy QKD birthday!!

Queen Kat said...

come on readers! lets see those entries!!

Alex said...

ooo- one of my FAVORITES- Kadona!!!

I know your Dad loves his card and is grinning about it. Hugs girl!!!