Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Already??

Yep! That's right the Kat's started Christmas.. YIKES!! After all.. It's only a little over a month away.. Thanksgiving will be here next week.. That means CHRISTMAS TREE TIME!! YAY.. I can't wait to go searching for the right tree this year. Since we have new Bamboo floors instead of yucky carpet, that means my tree can be a tad bit taller!! Ha, it seems like each year we think the roof raised and end up cutting the tree down when we get it home.. I think this year we should just cut a hole in the roof to accomodate my Christmas Tree. What do you think? :)

Well.. the moral of my ramblings today is Christmas cards, tags and ornaments!! That's right. I actually created something today. I took a December kit from QKD and cut it up, stamped it, distressed it and embellished it. I had a blast. The first few cards I did I was not pleased with so you won't see them here. :) But all in all, I was able to make 7 cards, 3 ornaments and 2 tags and still have a ton of paper, cardstock and embellishments left over. I bet I could get another 7 cards and maybe 2-4 more tags out of what I have left over and I only worked with the 6" X 6" kit!! Think of the possibilities you have with the 12" X 12" kit!


Penny said...

how yummy are all those goodies!

Pooka said...

ARGH! I can't wait until we get caught up on money so I can start getting these kits each month!