Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Happenings...

Today was a pretty laid back day for once. :) I woke up and drank coffee while checking my emials.. (no I didn't spill it this time!) :) then grannie called and asked me over to her house.. so I waited until 2pm for the stupid UPS man to show up with a very important package.... He didn't show so I headed on down the road to Grannie's house.. (Boy that sounds like a bit out of LRRH.) Anyway... She actually got more done that I did. I just wasn't feeling the "juice" today so I just looked through a book..

Then we went to a nice dinner and chatted a while and I dropped her off at home... when I got home the men in brown had made the delivery FINALLY!! I was able to wrap up the last of my secret sister gifts and the rest of Amanda's gifts for her stocking. Check em out below! They are stuffed to the max and some of the stuff won't fit into the stockings. HA! If you know me, you know that when it comes to Christmas I tend to go OVER the top! :) The pink one is for my Secret Santa over at and the red is for the host of the swap... we are doing a private swap of our own. :) There just something about getting suprise gifts under the tree on Christmas morning that make me happy. :) And more than that is knowing I was able to give someone something they've longed for. It's a great feeling to know there's still good in the world.

Have you finished your shopping for that special someone?


Tanis said...

WOW! That's a load of gifts! It's still November - you're amazing! I have done a bit of shopping, but have lots to do still!

Queen Kat said...

Tanis, you are too funny! You should see what's under my Christmas tree. LOL! If you think that's a lot. HA!

We decided to put the Tree in the corner this year so we didn't have to re-arrange the entire HOUSE! And it's a dang good thing we did! We have presents from one end to the other.. :) ooo I think I hear another blog coming on.. :)