Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a Day!

No crafting today!! Just picture clicking!! My dad's having a new garage put on his property so he can work from home after the surgery. The builders were there today FINALLY to put up the garage. It was all pre assembled except for the roof so all they had to do was put the walls up and anchor it then add the roof. I got a lot of good shots.. Of course today was the first snow day of the year so I couldn't go outside and click away. I think dad would have killed me if I would have gotten his camera wet. LOL .

When I got to his house, I promptly locked my keys in the truck. :( Me and dad tried to break in with a coat hanger and a home made slim jim and to no avail, I had to hitch a ride from step mom to grannies house to get my extra key.. I gave dad one when I moved here and he's lost it. Oh well.. can't win em all.

I wish I had something fantastic to talk about today or show you... I hope I can get some crafting done this week. I'm working on the December QKD newsletter right now so, sign up for it and look for it on Dec. 1.

We are introducing a NEW concept kit in January called Get Inked! it's going to be a great little kit. I'm working with Pooka on this kit. She's a great technique junkie and her writing is spot on. I'm very excited for this kit to debut. So... stay tuned for more info.

What pics have you taken lately?


Tanis said...

Pictures are great! (But locked in keys are not :(
I just had an all day cookie bake on Sunday with hubby and the kids - LOTS of photos that day!

the dreamer said...

My son Matt saw this cartoon where they went camping. So he wanted to "camp" too. Since it's not really possible for us to camp in the city, I put a bedsheet on top of his kiddie table and another blanket underneath. He lies down there with his special pillow and watches pillow from his little world. =)