Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Stamp Room

I get questions all the time about organizaion and my work area.. So I have photographed various parts of my 'room' that help explain how I organize. :) I didn't used to be this organized.. But last August, I was given this fabulous furniature to get myself cleaned up. :) I have an entire room that is dedicated to my stamp stuff. Below is a little diagram of the layout of my room.

I've got samples hanging on the wall between the two doors. When I get a RAK it's usually hung on my wall. My goal is to cover the remaining wall space in my room with samples. There's not a lot of room left, but there's some. :)

Here's a picture of my work table. It's always a mess, I can't seem to work with a clean space. If it's clean, my creativity itsn't flowing. I work in an area on my table that's usually smaller than 12X12!

This following picture is of a series of bookcases, a dresser and a cubbie thingy that my grannie gave me last August. We have matching furniature in our rooms. :) This thing holds sooo much. I'm lucky my room is in the basement because I think if I were to put everything upstairs, it'd fall through the floor.

Let's see.. these next pictures are of some storage carriers that I bought at the craft store about 5 years ago. I have 6 or 7 of them full of all kinds of embellishments..

These are pics of what I keep in my "dresser" that's in the big picture above. I used to have fiber in the bottom drawer (when these photos were taken) and now, I have MORE stamp CD cases in there. The fiber has been moved to plastic storage bins on a book case.

These are storage cabinets that sit behind my chair. I have all kinds of stuff in there and on it too. :)

These pictures are the storage things I have on top of the cabinets above. They are home made ink pad holders.. I think at last count, I had 150 ink pads and who knows how many embossing powders.

These pictures were taken recently... This is a picture of the corner that has my cropper hopper storage in it (royal waste of money!) and my floor lamp...

I hope you've been inspired to organize your room.. Or.. mess it up to get creative!

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mimihas5 said...

Wow! Your room is very big. Thanks for sharing the pictures.