Monday, November 12, 2007

Cleaning out!

So, I've been cleaning my room making some space for more QKD stamps!!! :) I have the following Close To My Heart stamp sets for sale. I don't have pictures but most of them are searchable on the internet.

B1115 Merry Christmas Blocks: every stamp was used and is stained: $6

B1169 Sleigh Bells: 2 stamps used 1 time very very light black stain: $8

C1166 you and Me: Well Loved and well stained. $7

B1141 Flower Blocks: each stamp used 1-2 times very light staining.. $8

B1163 In Friendship's Garden: The only stamp used was the saying. It is stained: $8

B1050 Blossoms & Leaves: 3 stamps lightly stained: $8

C1111 Designer Christmas: all stamps used 1-2 times stocking stained others light stain: $9

B1197 Live Is: I honestly don't remember using this set one stamp looks a tiny bit used $9

A1027 Floral Twist: 5 out of the 9 stamps have red stain the others were never used. $6

B1144 Cheerful Thoughts: 2 out of the 4 never used, other two stained and the Happy Birthday has been cut to make 2 stamps: "happy" & "Birthday": $6

Take all for $65 plus shipping and paypal fees. Or take them seperatly. I accept paypal and credit cards. Thanks.

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